Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Walk a mile in their shoes

"Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way, when you criticize them, you're a mile away and you have their shoes."

This morning I ran a mile in my shoes. I haven't run a timed mile since high school so I thought I'd give it a try. I roughly remember my mile times being somewhere in the 9's, possibly in the high 8's. Let me say that even in high school I wasn't in the best shape I could have been. I played sports and all that good stuff, but exercise just wasn't a priority. Drinking and smoking was. That said I've always been one for endurance rather than speed.

Today's mile was 9:53. I think I could improve it right away by starting out slower and keeping a more medium pace rather than going balls out from the start and then losing steam half way through. No doubt there is progress to be made on my part, but I'm still thinking there is a bit of planning and strategy involved in getting your best time.

So now I have another goal, and that is to run a sub 8 minute mile, something I've definitely NEVER done. BTW, for some reason running that mile was harder than doing my intervals! I was surprised.

In other news, I had another new low weigh-in this morning, 251. I'll be posting that in the October Challenge soon.


Jay said...

Nice work man! The 8 minute mile is totally do-able for you.

Rob Tucker said...

We run right about the same pace, yet another similiarity between us.

Running a sub-8 would be pretty awesome, I haven't even considered it. For me, it's a matter of running LONGER and FARTHER, not faster. But yeah - a sub-8? That'd be awesome. Don't doubt for a second you'll nail it.

Marcol said...

I like your opening quote.
Sweet on another low weigh-in and getting your mile done in a little under 10. My goal is a 7.5 mile pace - race ya!

swankywanker said...

Oh, high school. How abused our bodies, and they still performed pretty well. How lucky we were. Man, awesome that you're so close to your Nov 1 goal two weeks early. That's really satisfying, isn't it?

Jim McCoy said...

Love to hear about that mile run. You'll get to the sub 8 minute mile, it won't take long if you focus on it. Ahh...the long ago days of high school..the summer after high school I ran a two miler in less that 13 min. If I were to try that now, I'd end up dead right around the half mile point. But there's hope I guess, if I can get a running stroller.