Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Run for Your Money

I did it again today. I ran another mile, this time starting out at around 6-6.5 mph, and gradually getting up to 7.5. Towards the end I was ready to have a heart attack, but guess what my time was?

Yes, that's a second short of a full minute less than yesterday.

I had a feeling that when I did it yesterday my approach was wrong; I started out too fast and lost steam. I feel that I can improve a little more right away by starting out slightly faster. I also think you're generally slower in the treadmill since you have to adjust the machine to go faster, instead of just doing it. One of these day's I'm going to buy a stopwatch and go to a track so I can get a more accurate number.

Until then I'm pleasantly surprised with my 8:54 on the treadmill and will work on getting that down.

Oh and my weigh-in? 250.5. SO close! I get that number by weighing myself on my scale at home that I've always used, then checking it against the scale at work right before I work out. They're usually within a pound of each other so I use the average of the two. My home scale already reads that I weigh 250.

I know I'll be meeting my October goal over a week early, unless something really bad happens. That's good news!

p.s. about the image in todays post: I did a google image search for "A Run For You Money" looking for something that fit the content of today's post. Nothing did so I used that instead.


Ripx180 said...

nice time on the mile! I need to see how fast i can run a mile in. I would think sub 10 but sub 9 is fast. good work man, I cant believe you are almost into the 240s.

Rob Tucker said...

You've been simply amazing. I can't believe how well you've been doing. Two months ago, you weighed more than me. Now, you've got me by literally 20 pounds.

I need to start learning from you, man.

Brian said...

thanks so much for the compliments, but I have to say I'm no different than you are. I think anyone can lose weight and be successful as long as they're commited.
You've lost over 100 pounds and are still going! I'm sure you've been through more then me, and know more than I do. We're just in different mental phases right now. I'm basically still just starting out and trying to figure out what I'm capable of, so I'm pushing myself extra hard. Just trying to get to my goals, and I know you'll be doing the same thing.

once again, thanks for the compliments, and the comments. This blog has honestly played a HUGE part in my success and that is 100% because people see it and comment on it.

Jay said...

You're getting it done with your commitment and your tenacity. I like how you're pushing yourself on all your workouts. Good work man! Your results are really impressive!

Melissa said...

That is awesome time on your mile! And your going to meet your goal a week early....that is awesome! Your commitment now is really motivational :)

Marcol said...

Just great things all around in this blog Brian. Hitting your goals early and running below 10 and 9 minutes is awesome. Youre putting in the work and therefore getting the results.

A note about running on the treadmill: to get a feel for the true outdoors you may set the treadmill with a 1% incline.

billy said...

fantastic progress. Agree with Marcol about the incline

Jim McCoy said...

Love to see the progress on the mile time. That's great! I should try a mile run soon. I doubt it'll be as quick as yours, but it'd be nice.