Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Doing the Needful

I feel like I got a lot of exercise yesterday. I did 9 intervals of running/jogging in the morning. That turned out to be about 25 minutes of cardio/2.5 miles/200 calories.
After lunch I walked another 1.5 miles. In the afternoon I did my weight training routine for 30-40 minutes. Then last night I walked another 1.7 miles for a total of 3.7 miles walked yesterday. I ate pretty well aside from a celebratory drink of diet coke and vodka I had at dinner with some friends. The celebration was because my great friend of the last 15 years just put an offer in on a house that is literally a one minute walk away from the house we're settling on next month.

So yea, I think it went pretty well. I was rewarded today with another low weigh-in of 255. That's three days in a row now of 255 which is half way to my November 1st goal of 250.

I hope for today to be similar. I've already done my morning cardio interval training and as I type this I'm having a nice bowl of GO LEAN Crunch by Kashi and a cup of black coffee with a hit of fat free soy milk.

Oh and, I'm sitting here in my new pair of size 38 jeans :)

One more thing, the title of today's blog: I work with a lot of offshore consultants from India who speak English as a second language. As is expected sometimes they have trouble conjugating verbs or putting sentences together. On more than one occasion and from different people I was asked to do things.

For example, from someone in QA
"Brian, this bug is still not fixed, please DO THE NEEDFUL."

So today and for the past three months that's what I've been doing. The Needful.

UPDATE: Actually, I just found this which says this is an old Indian/British Saying:

So maybe it isn't a mistake. Either way, I'll be doing the needful, as needed.


Rob Tucker said...

Good call, man. 255's great - 5 away from goal. Keep the pace, and you'll be staring 220 in the eye before you know it.

Ripx180 said...

Dude your body must have been just begging you to loose weight and get healthy. You are dropping like a maniac on fat crack. ;)

I got a chuckle out of your work lingo. Im a functional guy using Oracle 11i and have to deal with a bunch of developers from over seas when we have issues for them to work. I have heard some pretty bazaar stuff too.

Thats awesome that your friend is moving in close to you. I have a really good friend right down the road and we spend allot of time with them. Hopefully hes a workout guy and maybe you will have someone to ride and run with in the near vicinity.

Brian said...

I think you're right about my body wanting to lose weight. I actually had to work pretty hard to get it into the condition it was in :) I was doing just about everything wrong. Now that I've done a complete 180 I think it makes sense what is happening. I jsut hope I can keep it up and really get into the realm of weight loss that i've never seen before.

oh and my friend who hopefully is moving in down the street, he's a bike rider (i went on that bike trip with im in august) and he knows 10 times more about lifting weights than I do. I knew there was a reason i kept him around!

Ripx180 said...

Nice man. Sounds like things are only looking up for you. The way you are going you will easily realize your weight loss goals. You have already lost 41 lbs, thats just insane. Exercise will keep getting easier and feeling better so nothing can stop you. Amazing what a determined guy can do. Your the man.

billy said...

You are kicking ass and taking names, man.

And I remember "do the needful". Hilarious.

Beck said...

Size 38?? Dude...awesome!

Jim McCoy said...

Love to hear about that weight coming off, and I feel you about "Do the needful." I used to work at a credit union, and probably 30-40 percent of the members who came into our branch were Indian. I actually got the joke. :) Go me...and go you in your 38s

Jay said...

haha, doing the needful!

Marcol said...

Do the needful, cute. I'll have to remember that one. Sweet, simple and much to the point.

Size 38, youre definitely doing the needful :) Sweet progress!!!