Thursday, October 11, 2007

fajitas, beautiful fajitas

Ew. I went to Baja Fresh today for lunch with some friends from work. I had some steak fajitas. I think 4 of them. They included: steak, corn torillas, tomatos, green peppers, onions, black beans, and a tiny bit of guacamole. So I guess the contents of the meal weren't that bad, but the fact I had 4 of them wasnt great. In fact now that I'm back at work sitting at my desk I kinda feel like I ate a brick. I might have to head back to the gym and see if a 2-3 mile walk will help clear that up.

This is the first time really that I've eaten that much in one sitting for lunch. I hope it doesn't mess me up too much. I had another low weigh-in this morning, 254.

Anyway, I just wanted to hold myself accountable for overeating a bit today at lunch. Sometimes I feel like in my effort to remain positive all I post about is the good stuff.

So...time to go take that walk and burn off some of those calories I just consumed.


Rob Tucker said...

Just curious to what made you eat so much (just because it something I do all the time). Did you starve yourself prior to that? Were you overly hungry? Or, did it just taste good?

That's the hard part sometimes - even if it's healthy, if 2 will satisfy, there's no reason to have four if you can overcome those pitfalls.

Either way, congrats on the huge new low again!

Marcol said...

Good for you Brian on the new low and being accountable about your not so great portion control. The brick feeling will probably help you the next time you think to have 4.

Dont let this set your day back, just keep on going forward and make adjustments where needed. Dont let it become a day of over indulgence. Doesnt sound like you will.

Brian said...

I really don't know. change in routine I guess. I usually dont go oout for lunch. That, and that is how much food they give you in a serving. I was also talking and not paying attention to what I was doing. I will say, the fajita's werent that big. Each one was about the size of the palm of your hand.

But yea, I dont really know what happened. I guess I was just hungry and wanted something different.

Ripx180 said...

nice on the new low. Those fajitas look soooo good too. I love fajitas and in smaller portions they are pretty good for you. Your a weight loosing machine so I wouldn't worry about it too much. Cool that your accountable, you seem so perfect most of the time.

Jim McCoy said...

Damn. My weakness is Mexican, and it looks like it might be yours too. I love fajitas, but this is one of those meals where you ask for the box when the meal comes. Good job keeping yourself accountable though. That's the best way to keep moving forward. Or is it backward because your weight is going down?

Jay said...

man, your weight is dropping like a rock!

You could have done worse, but the point is you enjoyed it and now you're moving on. That's important!