Monday, January 26, 2015

7 and a half years

It's kinda crazy when I think about it but I started this blog damn near 8 years ago. How does time fly that fast?

As you could imagine a lot has gone on in that time. I've never again been the weight I was when I first typed this blog  - so that's great.

I've also never fully given up on fitness or paying attention to my diet even when it's bad. That doesn't mean that I haven't gained weight, in fact out of the 115 pounds I initially lost by 2008 I've probably put half of that back on at times.

I just realized reading the right rail of my blog that 6 years ago today I was training for my first half marathon. It was my last half marathon too, ha!

I've changed my outlook and my methods, but I do still sometimes wonder if I can ever be as fast or as strong as I was 6 years ago. Especially in my 38th year. It's pretty lame to sometimes think about how at some point your best physical years will be behind you. I'm not there yet, but I already cringe just thinking about it, some day, not far off. I mean, look how fast the past 8 years have gone!

I still haven't been very motivated to blog. I rarely even check it, but tonight I did and saw Rip posting on his ( so it motivated me to do the same.

So, here's what I'm up to:

- trying to do cardio every other day. A few days I ran a 5k on the treadmill (i'm back in the land of cold winters again, at least for a while). Other times i switched it up with other boring cardio machines at the YMCA. I doubt this will last long if I don't find something that interests me. Perhaps I'll go back to training outside. Perhaps I'll try a marshal art? I don't know yet.

- doing weight training 3 days a week. Actually the first day was just a refresher and I was so god damned sore I didn't go for almost another 2 weeks! that's right! I'm not ashamed, I guess. But I'm back now, and the soreness the second time wasn't as bad. I find weight lifting to be pretty damn boring as well, but I'm doing it because I need to. The only thing that's fun it to see the weight you're lifting go up, but I'm not there yet.

- I'm not really doing anything special with food. Not counting calories and I don't plan to. I just try to be reasonable, most of the time. I will say that I've kept a no soda diet for, i guess three years now? I don't miss it. No diet soda for probably 3.5 years and no regular soda for maybe 5?

So that's basically it. It's not a bad plan, 3-4 days of running 5k's and 3 days of lifting. But as you can see it kinda lacks focus and perhaps the love/ambition that I had in the past.  But at least I'm doing something.

Doing nothing wasn't working out as it actually makes me depressed and tired. Life is hard, ya know?

Ah well, I'll keep trudging on.