Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I'm starting to notice

I was looking at myself in the mirror this morning in my new size 36-38 boxer briefs and was thinking, "OK, now I'm really starting to see some progress". I think it's starting to sink in that I'm actually doing something. Sure, there are numbers, stats, pics, all of these things that show progress. There are comments made by people. But the most important gage of my progress is my mental state.

I'm starting to get excited because I'm entering into a weight range I haven't seen in YEARS. I'm starting to feel that I have the potential to be in better shape now that I have EVER been in my life. This is a good feeling and it is really what is working overtime to motivate me.

I'm starting to feel the real effects of the most important reason I decided to make this change. I feel better about myself mentally, I'm more confident of myself, and less likely to have that feeling of riding this out of control wave of life.

The comments from people are great, being able to jog without dying is great, fitting into smaller clothes is wonderful. But the biggest payoff so far has been this new mental condition I'm beginning to enter into. The fact that I once again feel like I can and will do anything I put my mind to, and do it with confidence. I think I knew it all along, but maybe one part of my brain needed to prove it to the other. Maybe my body needed to prove it to my brain. I don't know.

"Life is a complex and wonderful thing, full of many questions, few real answers, and endless unchartered territory that begs to be explored."
- Me, October 16th, 2007.


Rob Tucker said...

I love this blog. You're right too - it's all about the mental awareness and KNOWING (there's a difference between believing and knowing) that you can do something.

I've experienced this, and it's a great feeling. When you change from hopelessness to hope, and then to knowledge and strength... it's powerful.

Jay said...

nice post!

It's like being a kid again, you're growing (by shrinking) in a way you haven't done for a long time, and it gives you the sense that you can do anything! And you know what, you can!

Ripx180 said...

Ditto on what has been said thus far. Great post. The real beauty of it is now that your realize it you will own it and most likely kick your fitness and goals into some crazy overdrive tempo. I don't know if you can do any better than you already are but feeling good about it only helps you push harder.

I kind of feel like i know what your talking about. The last few weeks I felt something change in me. Almost like I got past the "can I do this" to the "I can do this".

billy said...

this is the part so many people never reach and that's why they fail. It's almost easy to be motivated once this happens.

Marcol said...

Good blog. Youre right, it is one of the most important reasons why we do what we do.