Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The good the bad and the ugly

The good news is that I ran 6 miles on Sunday morning. That's the first time I've run that far in probably 10 months. I was slow at about a 10 minute mile average, but the stamina was there. I'm happy about that. It double the amount of anything I've run recently.

The bad news is that this morning I weigh 246. Now I do have some soreness from the run and I suspect that 4 lb jump is most likely water retention. It certainly wouldnt be the first time I've had a 4 pound jump from water retention. In fact many runners will tell you that they often find they've GAINED weight while training for a marathon for example.

With that said even taking into account those 4 pounds I'm less than impressed with my progress thus far. I'm trying not to get discouraged though. I do realize I still need a solid plan in place that I don't have. I'm just struggling to come up with a plan that is so adaptable based on my hectic schedule. My schedule is no excuse for my diet though and it's still not what it should be so I should be looking there.

So I'm thinking about trying an actual diet of some sort. I don't know what yet, so I'm open to suggestions. In the end I can probably eat about 2200-2400 calories a day and lose about a pound a week. I'm just struggling with doing that.

Until next time.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Plugging away, maybe running in place

I'm still around. Progress is slow and this week was difficult from a workout perspective. I only ran once so far, but I hope to again tomorrow. Eating has been maybe a 6 out of 10 on the perfect scale. As a result I'm sticking around the 242 ish mark. Kinda spinning my wheels I guess, but at the very least I know where I am and I'm not gaining.

Plans for the future are to really start running more and training for a 5k and maybe a half marathon. Like I've said in the past I really operate more efficiently when I have clear goals and a path ahead of me. I need that right now.

Friday, September 17, 2010


Kindof hanging around the same weight arent I? Maybe this is the normal rate of weight loss for someone? I don't know. I'm watching the calorie and fat intake. I'm running or hitting the gym 3 times a week. I have had a bit of a cold which has kinda kept me pretty inactive aside from the workouts but I'm doing what I can.

One day I had a 239 weigh in, then a perfect eating day, then the next day it was 244. What the hell was that about? I dont know but I'm not letting it change anything.

So I'll just say I'm still working at it, I just don't seem to have much in the way of numbers to show for it yet. It's been 2 and a half weeks though and I am down 5 pounds give or take, so I'll take that for now. I really need to be firmly in the 230's though by October 5th or so. Maybe that's a goal.

On an unrelated note, I'm attempting to get this blog current. I really don't want to dwell on what I've done in the past. That said I will leave some of my accomplishments up because they do motivate me to move forward, get back to that spot, or even improve it.

I've also cleaned up the blogs I follow. I deleted any blogs that haven't been updated in the past 3 months, though most had not been touched in over a year. I need new teammates who are into this thing with me so we can help motivate each other, so if there is anyone who is reading who is keeping a fat loss blog, please send me a note so I can add you!

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Wheel in the sky keeps on turning...

The slight upwards movement in the weight isnt attributed to anything bad. I think that 239 was just a freak low weigh in when I barely ate any dinner the night before.

I'm still moving forward. Running when I can, riding when I can, always trying to pay attention to what I'm eating and how much. I've got a cold/sore throat thing going on. I've noticed that this is happening to me more since I've had kids, but I'm not letting it stop my good habits. This morning during my run I had to stop a few times to blow my nose, heh.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Moving Along

I've been lucky to be able to get 4 or 5 "workouts" in in the past 6 days.

I rode my bike to work one day (28 miles round trip), I took my son on a 15 mile bike ride, I did the elliptical at the Y, and I'm about to attempt another run.

I'm still working on a schedule per say, but at least I'm able to get some workouts in. It's starting to look like we're at a point with the kids where I can at least have a half hour in the mornings to do something, a run, or possibly ride the bike to work a few days a week.

The eating has been on too, in fact I'm sure I'm under eating from a calorie standpoint. Honestly I dont care , I feel fine, I have energy, and the weight is dropping. SOme of that weight has to be water (look at the chart on the right), but again, it's progress in the right direction so I don't care what it is. I'm happy to be back in the 230's. My goal right now is 220.

Well, I've got to run (literally) and then get to work.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Get me a paddle

Hopefully I can be out of the 240's relatively soon. Since I've started to really dial in my food intake I've dropped 4 pounds. I expect that's a lot of water weight, but I'll take it. I really do need to see numbers to feel like I'm doing something and to keep me motivated. That's why it really is a worst case scenario if I allow myself to stop doing weigh-in's. I guarantee that's a huge part of what got me here again.

In other new's I'm going to see if i can manage to ride my bike to work a few days this week. Logistically it's a pain but when I can manage it I basically get 2 hours of cardio a day which is great. As a fall back measure if I can't ride I'll get in some gym visits either in the AM or in the afternoons.

That reminds me, I need to get some new headphones for working out. Working out with no music is like canoeing without a paddle. You can do it but it sure aint no fun!

Saturday, September 4, 2010


I've made some progress. Not the kind you're thinking of probably. Over the past few weeks I've started to semi pay attention to what the hell I'm doing from an eating perspective. I have been to the gym once and ran once but it's very hard for me right now to find time to exercise or even build it into my schedule just because of the world. I really do hate to make excuses but I'm working my full time job, working my side job trying to grow that business, and helping raise our 1 year and 1 month old children with my wife. Just finding sleep is hard enough to be quite honest. Did I mention we're also painting our house, repairing a leaky roof, moving bedrooms around and doing general remodeling?

That said there is no excuse for what you put in your mouth no matter how busy you are so I've been making a kinda of half ass lame attempt to monitor what I eat for the past few weeks as I've mentioned here. It may be working or it may not , because up until this morning I ha vent had the balls to weigh myself. With the numbers being the major motivator for me it was really hard to be a strict as I should have been when I didnt even know what it was doing.

This morning I weighed myself. I had to do it. If nothing else I need those numbers to see if I'm making any progress.

Out with it: This morning I weigh 247 pounds. I have mixed feelings. I'm pissed off at myself for letting it get there (I should be maintaining 215-225), I'm relieved I finally know the answer and can start seeing results , I'm embarrassed I'm 45 pounds higher than my lowest ever weight, I'm happy I still kept off 50 or so of the 100 I lost.

Mostly though I think I'm really to just not cry about it and move on with getting it fixed. So that's progress as far as I'm concerned.

Hi, my name is Brian, and I've got 30 pounds to lose.