Monday, October 29, 2007

Challenges are for Fools!!!

weigh-in: 248

So I've decided over the past week or so that my newest set of challenges is going to be running/jogging related.

I'm someone who has ALWAYS hated running. For one, I've twisted my ankle badly so many times between playing baseball, and just walking on old brick sidewalks after too many drinks, that I can easily injure it again. I have to be really careful there.

I'm not really sure the other reasons I've always hated running. Maybe because its hard on your joints and it gives me a headache. Maybe it was just always so hard because I didn't do it enough. Wait, I know why, "SHIN SPINTS!". I hate those things.

So with all that said, why did I decided to use "running/jogging" for the basis of my next set of challenges? Well, for those same reasons, and because challenges, especially those that are designed to improve yourself, are not always fun. I've also found in the past that some of the things I've initially hated to do (like riding bikes up steep hills or toting around a 30 pound backpack over mountains), I eventually learned to respect and on some levels even enjoy. Not always mind you, but usually the mental payoff after accomplishing said task overrides the hardship it took to get there.

So why wait?

Today I signed up for my first 5k race. It's being held in Philadelphia this Sunday, November 5th, and it is called Free to Breath. Read about it if you wish.

I'm not really treating it as a race, but more of a "see what I can do" type of thing. Oh and I'm hoping the T-shirt I get is kinda cool :)

After signing up I realized that I've never actually run that far or that long without walking in between at some point, so I headed to the old trusty work gym and hit the treadmill. I just got back from there actually.

The good news is that I didn't die. I did in fact "run" the entire 5k(3.1 miles) straight without stopping or going less than 5mph. In fact I ran it in its entirety in 32 minutes and 29 seconds which I guess isn't so bad considering I've never done it before. If it goes anything like my "mile run" experience I should expect a decent improvement in time on my second attempt. I learn to better pace myself after doing it once.

Also, you'll notice I've logged my time under my "stats" section to the right. I'm starting to realize that keeping a log that shows improvement is much more helpful than setting goals. In other words, goals are great, but it's more important to track improvement and show that you're actually making it to your goal. Goals tend to change so often anyway based on your performance. I know I'm not really explaining this how I wanted to, and I'm running out of typing time for today, but lets just say to me anyway, the more important part here is the journey, not the goal.

On an unrelated note I want to point out that even though I've lost 50 pounds in three months, I am by no means perfect. For example, I ate chocolate, and yet another round of drinks Saturday night. I even had some chips with dip, some pie appetizer things, and a few chocolate chip cookies. I was at a Halloween party.

I think it's why my weight is still in the 248-249 range when it really should be a little lower in my opinion. I save up for these events though by working out twice as hard or for twice as long, and also not eating at much during the day when I know I'm going to be at an event where I'm going to drink or eat such things.

I can't say I eat those things a lot, in fact that might have been the second or third time I allowed it in the past few months, but it does happen.

I think the important thing is to plan for it, do what you have to do, reward yourself a little with some sweats or whatever, but then forget it ever happened, and overcompensate to try to make up for it in exercise and eating the next day. Thats what I do now and that's also what I plan to do once I get in a maintain mode. There is no reason to give up all "evil" things that you like to eat. Just learn to control them. I'm still learning that.

That's all I have for today.


Marcol said...

Funny you end by saying thats, that was a lot. I read it all though :)

Your 5k time is cool especially for someone who has never run 5 miles straight before. Im impressed - you will definitely fair well this Sunday.

Also I like your take on sweets and the like. Sounds like it works for ya!

Jay said...

yeah, the 5k time is good for someone who hates running so much. You're also doing great to make sure you're running it the whole way, that takes some serious willpower. Nice work man!

GeneTheK said...

Awesome time for a 1st ever 5k. You should be proud of yourself!

As far as perfection goes, it's way over-rated and impossible to attain. It only leads to procrastination (see one of my previous blogs).

I often use this mantra...I control nothing, I manage everything.

Rob Tucker said...

That's like 6 minutes lower than my last race, which I thought was a GREAT improvement.

Give yourself some credit, you knocked it out. Proud of you for getting into an organized race, and even more for finding one coming up quick. You're going to do a lot better than you think you're going to do. Nice work, man.

Melissa said...

Great time on your 5k. I cant wait until I can run 3.1 miles. I have 3 weeks until my race and I can only do 1/2 mile at this point. oy!