Thursday, November 29, 2007

New Measurements

Thought I'd post some new info I just received. Just got back from Target because I only have two pair of pants the fit and they are getting a little bit large.

As it turns out, I'm now a 36x32 pants size. I was a very snug 42 last July. For comparison, last time I was a size 36 pant? High School. Possibly even early High School, I can't remember exactly.

I'm also now a 44L suit. I was a 50L in July.

Size L shirts too.

I can't tell you how nice it is to go shopping and not be embarrassed about what size I'm looking for. The selection seems much better as well.

I'm happy. Lucky for me I'm one of those guys who likes shopping though.


Jim McCoy said...

This is awesome. GOOD WORK!! I just got back into a 36 pant myself, although it will be a bit before I can fit into a large shirt. This is always a good feeling. Enjoy your shopping. You've earned it!

Marcol said...

Your hard work is definitely paying off. A man who loves to shop, gotta love it. Youre slimming right on down and the sizes tell the tale :)

Rob Tucker said...

That's impressive. Just flat out awesome. Large shirts, eh? Sweet. Amazing how your dollar goes so much farther when you're not looking for multiple X's, eh?

Melissa said...

Congrats! I love that feeling of trying on a smaller size, especially when it takes you back years when you use to fit it. Your work is defintley payig off. Keep it up!

kyle said...

I'm jealous. I can't wait for that experience. I've said it before, but keep it up. You definitely motivate me to continue on.