Friday, November 2, 2007

An Introduction

weigh-in: 243.3

Well, I'm behind on work again so today's post is going to have to be on the shorter side. As you can see with the weigh-in the weight is still going the right direction. I didn't work out this morning since I'm running the 5k on Sunday and I don't want to be sore for it. I will still eat right of course, and try to walk a bit more today to make up for not working out.

In other news, Liz and I have adopted a dog. Her name is Bella and she is a 6-8 year old St Bernard.

Her story is this:
She was abused and neglected all her life, and used just to produce puppies. Over the summer Bella was pregnant again and gave birth to 8 puppies. The owner for whatever reason decided he did not want to deal with it because he was going out of town that week, so he called the local pet adoption and asked them if they wanted to adopt Bella and 8 puppies, otherwise he was going to shoot them in an hour....

When Mary from the Pet Adoption place got Bella and the babies they were in bad shape. Bella was 60 pounds underweight and the babies were covered in feces. 4 of the puppies didn't make it. The rest were taken care of and eventually adopted. That left Bella. We saw her last week and got the story I just related to you. No one really wants to adopt an 8 year old dog who has maybe 4 good years left if they're lucky.

Needless to say Bella will be coming with us to our new home in a few weeks. We'll try to give her the best few years possible. I have to say I originally wanted to adopt a younger dog, but Bella deserves and needs our love more.

Anyhow, meet Bella:

click on the pic for a few more.

Sorry for the crappy cell phone quality.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.


Ripx180 said...

Thats awesome man!! I love big sweet dogs. We just meet some people who have a chocolate lab/ bull masstive mix. He is 2 and weighs over 100#s. Hes got the sweetest disposition and is just chill. His name is Bronson. I am glad the Bella will get the chance to have some good years. Anyway thanks for the feel good blog.

Ripx180 said...

Man you are looking slender!!! Just looked at the other pics.

kyle said...

What a story. I'm impressed by your compassion and willingness to take an animal into your home knowing that she won't be around for a long long time. You're right, she does deserve the best few years possible. Liz and yourself deserve, if nothing else, a tip of the cap. Well done!

Marcol said...

Sad story but with a happy ending for a twist. You and Liz just showed what youre made of...the good stuff:)

Bella is cute, Im sure the three of you will have a blast.

GeneTheK said...

People who abuse animals are lower on the food chain than sludge. You are to be commended for taking in Bella and not going to the foo-fo pet store and spending $$$ on a pet.

Rob Tucker said...

Agree with Gene. That's awesome that you're taking her on. So many bad stories out there, proud of you.

And yeah, those pictures on the right are telling. Nice work boss!

Jay said...

poor dog...sounds like he's going to a good home.

do you think she'll be able to keep up with you now that' youre getting so slim?

Melissa said...

Thank you!!!! Very Very cool of you for saving Bella. She is adorable. I just want to shower her with love! Im big on rescuing dogs myself, so it really warmed my heart to read your blog today. :)

Good Luck on you 5k :)

Jim McCoy said...

Love to hear about you rescuing poor Bella. I can't stand pet owners who pull that type of crap. Hopefully someone slaps that freaking former owner around a little. No living thing deserves that.

layla said...

seriously, i wish there were more people like you around. most just want cute dogs from the pet stores and couldnt care less about the plight of abandoned or abused pets. thank god that dog will be treated like it should for the rest of her years.