Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Great Shirt Tuck-IN

Weight-In: 240 lbs

As you might know, being a fat person, there are many tricks you do in order to hide your fat. Dark colors, baggy clothing, layering, to name a few. Over time, incorporating these things into your wardrobe becomes second nature.

The one that I've been doing for so long I can't remember when it started is "shirt un-tucking".

That is, I'd wear a t-shirt (see layering), then over that a button down shirt of some sort. The button down shirt would be un-tucked and hang down over your belt and therefore your belly.

On the surface it seems to work quite well...as long as you don't look at your profile in the mirror. No one sees your profile during the day anyway right? I'm not fat; I just like un-tucked, baggy, Johnny Cash looking clothing. Right.

So, did I mention that Liz and I are currently living in a spare bedroom at my parents’ house until we settle on the house later this week? Well I also need to mention that a good bit of my clothing is in storage with the remainder organized in perfectly neatly folded piles (prior to the explosion that apparently happened under those piles at some point), or they're contained in designer trash bags that are deliberately strewn about our room. This does indeed create a very articulate, organized living experience for us. We're quite happy with it.

Today while performing my daily routine of attempting to find two socks that match (I never did) I came across a shirt I had purchased several years ago. It never really fit. Meaning, that even while employing such "fat" techniques as the aforementioned "un-tucking" and "layering", it never really worked. Too tight. In fact my love handles often tried to fight there way out of it making it impossible to tuck it in even if that thought crossed my mind.

Today I decided I'd try it on, and even try something new. *GASP, I'd tuck it IN.

In the dark recesses of the spare bedroom this morning at 7:30, while being so quiet as to try not to wake Liz, with my pre-work-out non showered hair, one gray sock and one black sock, I made a great decision. I decided to wear that shirt, and furthermore, I would tuck it in. There would be no t-shirt underneath attempting to mask my man boobs into muscle.

The result, though in my mind still not perfect, was "not bad". In fact at the coffee machine I even found myself getting another "have you lost a lot of weight recently?" question for yet another co-worker. I thought to myself that yes, the shirt is working. Yes, it still could be something Johnny Cash might have worn to the Grand 'Ol Oprey (did he go there? I really have no idea...), but it seems to look OK. Not perfect, but passable.

I'll let you judge for yourself. Once again, please excuse the crappy cell phone pics. My new camera battery charger should be here any day now. Click on the pics for the bigger versions.

Love is a burning thing
and it makes a firery ring
bound by wild desire
I fell in to a ring of fire...


Rob Tucker said...

Awesome, man. You and I are so alike, most of your posts could cut/pasted right into my blog. Love the tucked in shirt look.

Ripx180 said...

looking good Brian. I think its about time for some more shirt off comparison pics. Looks like you have lost allot since last time. Not to much longer and you will be with Billy adding muscle. Your transformation thus far has been amazing and inspirational.

billy said...

I'll always be a non-tucker. Sorry, Rob ;)

Jay said...

wow, you look great man! You're officially leaving the fat zone and entering the "only a bit pudgy" zone :)

Please don't tell me you're working out in jeans and a belt!

Brian said...

To ROb, I agree with the no shirt pics being needed. As of tomorrow my camera should be ready to press back into duty.

NO, I don't work out in those clothes, hahah.

That is my work gym, which is right down the hall from my desk, is private, and has nice mirrors for talking pics of yourself with cellphones :)

Anonymous said...

Dude, you are rockin' out the tucked in shirt! Good for you. Isn't it an awesome feeling to be able to wear something that never quite fit? I experienced that a couple weeks ago with a shirt/skirt combo. Granted, I still don't think I could pull off the shirt...it was still a bit too tight. But the fact that it fit better than it ever has was a pretty darn cool feeling.

Anyway, awesome job on not only fitting into the shirt, but being able to tuck it in and wear it in public!! ;)

Marcol said...

Nice progress.

Melissa said...

You are looking great Brian! I bet wearing that shirt has a smile on your face all day :) And I LOVE Johnny Cash!