Monday, November 26, 2007

5 Day Marathon

Weigh-In: 234 lbs

For this week I've come up with a plan. Yes, I'm a bit of a fool.

The plan is this: Run a marathon. Over 5 days.

That is, Between this morning and Friday at 11:59pm I plan to have logged 26 miles and 385 yards jogging on the treadmill.

I've just finished up with my first hack at it. I ran 5 miles in 50:30. That is over 5 minutes better than my number on Friday which was the first time I ever ran 5 miles. Today was the first time however that I really tried to do it as fast as I could, hence the 5 minute difference.

I wonder if by Friday I'll be doing it in the same time, more, or less? Hmm. Only time will tell.

BTW, all this running is getting me to my weight loss goals pretty quickly. Perhaps too quickly? I've weighed in at 234 for 3 days straight, and that is only 4 pounds away from my JANUARY 1st goal!

I'm already starting to get comments from a few people telling me that I don't need to lose any more weight, but the fact that I still have some small "love handles" and there is still a gut there tells me that I'm still on track to lose another 15=20 pounds. At that time I'll be hitting the weights and hopefully bulking up in the muscle department.


Ripx180 said...

I have to say that you are pretty amazing. You are loosing your fat at break neck speed. I need to read a page from your book cause its working. What are you eating these days out of curiousness? Anyway keep up the good work and keep blogging. Your progress is inspirational.

Brian said...

My eating is probably 98% clean. I do allow SOME things here and there. Since I've started this lifestyle I've eaten a total of 2 pieces of pizza for example (one of them was yesterday). I've allowed myself a few sweets here and there but not much, and I only allow that type of thing on active days or days when eating is light to begin with.

m-f I have oatmeal and a black coffee for breakfast, usually some type of salad or soup for lunch. I keep healthy or semi healthy stuff around for snacking when I'm hungry, like carrots, rice cakes, crackers, yogurt, soup, tuna fish, hummus to name a few.

Dinner I try to have some type of veggies. A few companies make these "steamed veggies" that don't have much or any saturated fat or sodium. You cook them in the microwave. Maybe once a week I'll have red meat but keep it to lean cuts.

I try not to eat too late into the night.

So I think the keys here are try to keep it healthy as possible, read labels and keep the portions reasonable.

I don't count calories but I probably have 1600-2000 on a normal weekday. If I'm really hungry or I feel weak (this rarely happens) I will eat more.

On weekends I like to indulge a little bit on food, but by saying that what I mean is that I'll go to my favorite breakfast place and have an egg omelets with tomatoes, onions, and a LITTLE BIT of provolone cheese. They give you potatoes on the side, but I never finish the eggs or the potatoes. I usually have a few pieces of whole wheat toast with olive oil as well.

I like to reward myself with something that I don't normally eat, but I don't go crazy and I still try to keep the portions in check.

Rob Tucker said...

This is just incredible, man. I need to work a little closer to what you're doing in terms of eating. Great call!

Ripx180 said...

Thanks for the input Brian. I think I just need to eat less for the most part. Your weight loss to date is really amazing. You are doing what most people dream of doing when they first start. I need to step it up.

Brian said...

thanks for the kind words guys. All I can really say is that I'm one of those types of people that when my mind is set on something, I go all out until I've met my goal. The problem in the past has always been the "making up my mind" part :)

Marcol said...

Well it looks like youve definitely made up your mind. I think thats really the key with everyone though. Whatever we really want we go after...the trick is to be honest without ourselves and accept when we're slacking its because we dont really want it bad enough.

I'll be watching for your 5 day marathon. Nice way to challenge yourself and get the cardio in. You came darn near close to getting me to go to the gym right now and get in a treadmill work out on my day off from the gym. Who knows I still might just go do it :)

Geoff said...

The week-long marathon is a great idea, good for motivation. You're a great inspiration, keep kicking butt bro.

Jay said...

your lifestyle has changed, and that's the biggest difference. Keep up the good work man, you're really inspiring everyone!

Melissa said...

Brian, you are a true inspiration. Keep up the great work! I think the 5 day marathon is a great idea, and anxious to see what Fridays run time will be :)