Friday, November 23, 2007

Post Turkey Report

Weigh-in: 236 lbs

OK, so I did not do the Turkey Trot yesterday. The main reason was because it was early and would have required me getting up really early on the only day I've had to rest in for a little but in a few weeks. Instead when I did wake up I went to my local park and ran a timed mile (new low, 8:10), and then headed over to the gym and ran another 2.5 miles on the treadmill.

So all in all, I did more than a 5k :). After that I didn't feel guilty about not going to the Turkey Trot.

All in all everything is still going well despite the constant busyness of the recent move and the fact we just had a holiday. In fact I'm right at 60 pounds lost since I started this a few months ago. Another 20 pounds and I'm going into a maintain/muscle building mode. I can't wait!

My thanksgiving dinner was really good. I definitely ate more than I do for a normal dinner, but I kind of "saved up" for it by working out and eating light earlier in the day. I think it worked out well for me.

That's all I got for you today. I hope everyone else's Turkey Day was good!


Rob Tucker said...

Awesome to hear, man. No big deal that you didn't make that race, being all last minute. I'll tell you though - schedule yourself one. If you're doing 8 minute miles, you'll do great at the 5k.

Read my blog from last night too - you'll see that accomplishing those milestones like organized 5k's is a really big deal, especially to those of us who know what it's like to be where we are. You'll feel great about it.

Brian said...

Hey Rob,
I did my first 5k earlier this month :0 I blogged about it.

11/04/07 - 28:10 Free to Breath

But yes, it did feel great when I did it!

Jim McCoy said...

Ok, so you didn't run the Turket Trot, but you did SOMETHING, and that's what matters. Congrats on the sixty pound mark, that has to feel awesome.