Monday, November 12, 2007

Rest is Good

Weigh-In: 239.2 lbs

As of today I've officially met my December 1st goal. As you can see my weigh-in was 239.2. I had a feeling I might be breaking the record today when I weighed myself last night and it was 240.8. The funny thing is that over the past three day's I've eaten more and worked out less than I have in any three day period in quite some time. I did manage to get in 2 treadmill workouts over that time, but my eating wasn't really as good as I could have done. Or maybe I'm just too hard on myself.

Even though I don't put much stock in it, my BMI is now 29.9. That is in the overweight category adversed to the "obese" category. YAY I'M OVERWEIGHT!

In any event, I'm going into this week feeling good about things. I think I'll be entering a "maintain mode" after another 20 pounds or so which I expect to be happening in January some time.

In other news, this is a busy week for us. We have another walk-through on the house Wednesday, settle Thursday, and start the moving on Saturday. We also get to go pick up Bella, our St Bernard we rescued, sometime this week.

Speaking of Bella, we picked her up this past Thursday and kept her for a few days because we'd be home to keep her company. We gave her a bath and in addition to cleaning up nicely she turns out to be the nicest, most laid back, loving dog I've ever met. This is amazing considering what life has dealt her so far. She had such an impact on us it was really sad dropping her back off at our friends house at the end of our time.

Bella also agrees that "Rest is Good":

Anyhow, thanks again for everyone's support!


Rob Tucker said...

Proud of you big time. Hitting a goal, let alone EARLY, that's inspirational.

kyle said...

Congrats on being "overweight" :) I don't think I'll ever put much faith in the BMI scale (unless of course I get to be of the "Normal Weight" classification). Well done on reaching you Dec 1st goal. It's inspiring to see how far you've come in the short amount of time you've been doing this. Keep up the great work!! And of my goals is to post more :)

Melissa said...

I am in love with Bella. Seriously. If you lived closer we would so be having playdates. My oldest loves to lounge herself :)

Congrats on meeting your December goal already. That is great! I have enjoyed following your weight loss has truly been an inspiration!

Sharon said...

Congrats on meeting your goal early. Bella needs you to continue in a healthier lifestyle. She's so sweet. High five on being overweight!

swankywanker said...

Rest is good. Rest spooning with a doggo is better. Oy, just a few days from now you'll be a homeowner. Congratulations!