Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Turkey Trot/ Bella Trot

Weight-In: 237 lbs

I've decided to do another 5k. It's tomorrow (Turkey Day) morning. Info Found here. I don't really feel like I'm mentally prepared for it, but what the hell.

Yesterday, I took my dog for a walk around our new town. We ended up going about 4 miles. I got a call from a friend who was waiting for me at my house, so we jogged the last mile home. Needless to say, Bella needed a rest as soon as we walked in the door:

Also, I'm just over 20 pounds away from my goal. It's time to put it back into high gear and get there. So that's what I'll be doing.

Check out these articles:
It pays to count, pedometer study finds
Pedometers may encourage weight loss

I also saw a quick bit about it on the news last night. It made me laugh since I've been using my pedometer for a few months now. I guess it reaffirmed to me that it was a good thing and has definitely aided in my weight loss.


kyle said...

Great pic of Bella. She looks positively pooped!
Very interesting about the pedometers. I obviously seems beneficial to have one. I may just try it out.
Good luck in your Turkey Trot. I'm sure you'll do just fine even if you're not completely prepared for it. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!!

Jay said...

That's how I look after my workouts too! :)

Happy thanksgiving. Good luck in the turkey trot!

237!! damn, hard to believe you started these blogs at 296.

Marcol said...

Take it easy on the poor dog Bri - give her some time to keep up with ya :) How'd the Trot go?