Monday, November 5, 2007

5k Race - Been There, Done That


If you read my blog last week you'd know that on a bit on a whim I signed up to run a 5K Race yesterday. This would be my first ever organized run of any sort, and my second time running that distance at all (the first time was on the treadmill last week, I got a 32:).

The goals I set for myself were as follows:
- Get below 30 minutes
- Do not walk
- Do the best I can

I'm happy to report I ran my first 5k in 28:10. The first mile I ran in 8:40, then in the 9's the second mile. The last mile I did slow a bit to catch my breath few times. It was hard and I was pushing myself. But the last couple of hundred yards I found it in my willpower to sprint through the finish line. I was happy with myself for meeting my goals.

I basically just paced myself behind two runners who were going a speed I was comfortable with. Running with them for over half the race we went, but eventually one of them slowed down and stopped so I passed them. At that point I finished the last mile or so of the race alone.

I'd say about 3-400 hundred people ran the race and I have no idea where I placed as I didn't stay around to find out. The standings will be posted on their website later this week though.

I did the run with a co-worker friend of mine (he ran it in 23:03, he's in a great shape a runs all the time) and we decided that we would continue to run 5k's every few months as it is a good way to stay in shape and gage progress.

In other healthy news I'm headed to get some blood work done this morning. I'm have a physical as well as my cholesterol and blood pressure checked. I have no idea when I had this done last so I figured why not now.


Rob Tucker said...


Sub 30 for your first time out is freaking bad ass. I'm running one in a few weeks (Thanksgiving morning) and my goal is get under 30.

Following someone is a good idea - one I'll be stealing :)

Ripx180 said...

As usual you continue to amaze! Sub 30 is off the chain ;). I am doing a turkey trot also in a couple weeks and my goal this time around is to just finish and run the entire thing. If I can get close to 30min I will be ecstatic.

kyle said...

Congrats on your first organized run. That's something that I'd like to do with my wife as I progress on this journey. You're success is definitely an inspiration!

Sharon said...

Congrats! What an accomplishment.

swankywanker said...

Nicely done. 5k's are fun. That makes your goal of doing one every few months a fun goal. You'll only get faster. Plus think of what it will do for your t-shirt collection.

Jim McCoy said...

Nice job. My first 5k time was 42:23. I'm SOO jealous!

Beck said...

Awesome time!!! That's great that you're going to make this a regular thing.

How did the physical go?

Brian said...

I had to reschedule the physical because of work commitments. I had the blood-work done yesterday and I'll have the physical next week.

layla said...

amazing!!! under 30 mins for a 5k is really good. and yes its a great idea to take it up every few months and try to better your previous timing- it gives you that clear direction for your cardio progression. as the pounds melt away and you get lighter, you'll get faster too. good job!

Melissa said...

Great job on your 5k! Now you have me even more excited for mine in a few weeks :) I think doing one every few months is a great idea, I can only imagine how great your time will be.