Thursday, November 29, 2007

5 ... Make that 4 Day Marathon; Accomplished!

Weigh-In; 236 lbs
Miles Run Today: 7.85
Week Total: 26.2!!!

That's right! I'm done!

I got on the treadmill this morning planning on maybe doing 3-4 miles, which would have been half of what I had left. After yesterday's run I started to develop a slight blister on the side of my big toe on my left foot, and where that rubs on the toe next to it. So last night I went to Sports Authority to try to find these socks that I figured might help:

I couldn't find them so I tried another store. No luck.
This morning came around and my toe felt OK.

Back to my run this morning: At around 3 miles I decided I felt good, so I'd go ahead and do 5 miles, leaving me about 3 for tomorrow. When I got close to 5 miles my toe starting really acting up again, and having some experience with blisters before I had a feeling it was going to feel pretty bad after the run, so I decided to go ahead and do 7.85 miles which was what I remembered I had left in order to have run a marathon.

In the end , I did it. At one point I fell off the treadmill though! It backs up to a wall, I just closed my eyes for a second and I guess I went too far back. Somehow I ended up into the wall, kicking the chord out, and then landing next to it on my feet. So one second I'm running, and the next I'm standing next to a turned off treadmill. Luckily I had been watching the numbers on it so I just laughed for a second, then jumped back on and added the totals in my head to what I had.

That's pretty much it. I think I made the right choice finishing today because I'm now limping around the office due to my toe. I'm taking tomorrow and the weekend off from running, then next week I'm moving back to morning H.I.I.T and weight training.


*over 4 days and on a treadmill.


Rob Tucker said...

Who cares if it was on the moon and it took you ten days?

You ran a marathon.

That's awesome, man. The fact that you sucked it up and pulled it off in four instead of five is awesome. You've got to feel great about it.


Melissa said...

Look at you! Congrats on your marathon in 4 days :) You pulled through just as if you were on an actual marathon. You rock!

For future blisters, have you heard of moleskin? When a blister is starting to form you can put the moleskin on there and it will help when its rubbing against anything. I use it religiously when training for the 3 day. And you may be using these, but 2 layer socks, or they also can be called antiblister socks. Or drywicking socks. They help with blisters. If you want to pop it now, you can use second skin on the blister and than moleskin on top of the second skin. Just thought Id throw in my blister knowledge ;)

Brian said...

Hey Melissa,
Thanks for the info. I do know about moleskin as I've used it many a time during hiking trips. The problem here was that the bliser was basically caused by my two toes rubbing together. So two pairs of socks wouldnt have done anything,and I'm not sure I would have gotten moleskin to work unless I wrapped it around my toe or something.
I think I would have been fine had i just taped my toe up before the run, but since it felt better I kinda just forgot about it.

Marcol said...

Good for you Brian. What shall you challenge yourself with next? Sorry to hear about the blister but the break will now do you good and the toe...

I remember closing my eyes before on a treadmill but i didnt go down like you...glad you didnt hurt yourself bet you wont be doing that anymore :)

Marcol said...

oh did you come up with any rationale behind the 2 lbs up? this morning i have the same thing AGAIN...its definitely a bit disconcerting for sure

Brian said...

yea the 2 pounds. I don't know. I find it rather hilarious that i just ran over 26 miles over the past 4 days and I now weigh 2 pounds MORE than I did when i started.
I've decided to laugh it off, not think about it and just keep moving.

kyle said...

What an accomplishment Brian!! You set out to do it in 5 days and ended up finishing early. All I can say is that I'm very impressed.

Carrie said...

Good Job, Brian!

I hear you on the treadmill thing- I've still got an indented scar on my shin from doing that once last spring!

Ripx180 said...

Your a animal!! Thats some serious mileage. I am sure you body needs a break now. Scary falling off the treadmill, glad you are ok. I bet in the next couple days your weight will drop significantly. You body is probably holding onto water to repair damaged muscles.