Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Feelin' Better

Weigh-in: 236 lbs
Miles run today: 3.2 + 5.15 = 8.35
Week Total: 18.34

What is up with that weigh-in? I'm at 234 for three days, then I run/walk over 20 miles over two days and I gain two pounds? Psssh, whatever.

Anyhow, the week marathon is still going well and I feel strong again. However this morning there was someone else in the gym and I had to share the treadmill. That meant I only had time to get in 3.2 miles, so I'll either be running again today or making up the other 1.8 miles sometime between now and Friday night. I'm not worried.

A correction: I mentioned yesterday that when I walk 10,000 steps a day it equates to about 5 miles. I was off on that, it's just over 4 miles.

I have been eating a little more over the past two days. The food I'm eating is clean. The reason for the change is simply because I've been hungrier. That is understandable because when i was only running 2-2.5 miles a day I was burning around 260 calories, and now when I run 5 miles I'm burning close to 600. Makes sense to me.

EDIT: I got a free hour after lunch so I wanted to make up the miles I missed this morning. I ended up doing 5.15 in 54 minutes, putting my daily total at 8.35 (by far a new daily record for me). I've updated the numbers up top.


Rob Tucker said...

This is some great work that you're doing. I like the whole concept of getting it done over the course of a week. Yet another idea of yours I have to suck up and steal.

Marcol said...

We know who might be in a marathon next year :) Good for you and all youre doing. Dont worry about the scale sticking for a few days. Mine has been doing the same and I know I havent been eating anything wild or crazy and that Ive been in my calorie range. The body has a mind of its own, when its ready it will let go of all that youve put the work in for...stick with it my friend

Jay said...

damn, you're logging some serious miles there man!

I don't think my knees could take the beating, but you're really doing great!

Melissa said...

You rock as usual Brian. Couldnt fit that 5 miles in so you squeeze it in after lunch. You are what dedication is all about!