Friday, August 31, 2007

Vacation Time

Not from my new healthy lifestyle, but from work. Yes that's right ,it's that time of year again; time to head down to Cape Hatteras and enjoy the sun and beach for the next week.

Am I worried about maintaining my healthy lifestyle amid the cookouts, eating out, and beer? No, not really. When not tied down to a regular work schedule of slaving in front of my computer I'm actually a pretty active person. I hate to be bored and sitting in one place for too long.

Anyhow, here's my plan to keep it up:

  • I'm taking my scale with me so I can continue to monitor my progress.
  • I'm looking into a temporary gym down in OBX so I can continue my lifting routine. As a backup I'm also bringing a few sets of free weights.
  • I'm of course bringing my bike, and every morning I plan to go for a vigorous ride.
  • I'm packing some healthy food. We're renting a house for week and will be cooking a lot of meals at "home", so it won't be too hard to control what goes into my body. If I eat out i'll do the same thing I have been doing, and order the healthiest thing on the menu that I actually like.
  • I'm planning to try some new activities. My friend and I are talking about taking surfing lessons. At the very least we'll be body boarding.
  • I'm sure I'll be taking long walks on the beach with Liz and enjoying the evening sunshine...

I guess that's all I have planned for at this point. Vacations for me have never really been a time to lie around and do nothing anyway. I'll do nothing when I'm dead. This week I'll stay active and continue to lose this extra poundage so next year I wont have to worry about scaring all the women and children away at the beach.

p.s., I'll definitely still be posting my weight for the challenges, but aside from that I might not be posting quite as much, so don't think I've given up or forgot about the blogs.

Have a great week everyone!


billy said...

You're bringing your scale! That's hilarious...

GREAT plan, you sound like you're fired up to really stick with the program over vacation. Don't forget to have fun!!

Ripx180 said...

Have a great vacation man. Sounds like you have all your bases covered and that you will come back lighter.

David said...

Have a good time man ... and once again : 13 lbs. in a month ... that's HUGE !

Good Job Brian !

billy said...

This is your August Challenge Champion Emblem. Wear it proudly.

Rob Tucker said...

This is awesome, man. Way to plan it out. I love that you've got your scale, workouts and meals planned. That's all you can ask for.

So basically - it's business as usual - with better scenery. You'll have to have another month of impressive numbers - I'm aiming to break your record of 13 pounds this time around. I'm coming for that trophy :)

Melissa said...

Have fun on your vacation, it sounds like a great time! Pre-planning is the key to not falling off the wagon, and I think you got that pretty down packed :)