Wednesday, August 22, 2007

My real weight

So I finally know my real weight according to a good doctors scale. 277.8 lbs. At the same time, my scale at home registers 283.5.

I'm still not really sure which weight I'm going to go by for blogging purposes, but either way the goals won't change. It's just nice to know what I REALLY weigh in case someone asks.


Rob Tucker said...

If you don't listen to another word that I say every again, listen to these ones:

Use the scale you've been using from the beginning. You're not comparing the 'real' number - you're judging the total number of pounds lost. If you start using different scales, you're going to be more frustrated than ANYTHING in this journey.

I've learned this the hard way - twice. Don't make my mistake.

Brian said...

well, as I said my goals are n0t changing, so I think I'm agreeing with you :)