Monday, August 27, 2007

Challenge # 5,456: Healthy Camping

While I can't say with a straight face that my weekend of camping was 100% healthy, I do feel mostly happy with the food choices I made. I did lovingly cradle a bottle of Single Malt Scotch with me for much of the evenings though.

Several Pringles also found there way into my gullet. Yes, about 10-12 of them. Afterwards I felt very guilty about this, as this was basically the first "unhealthy" thing I've eaten in over a month. It's OK though because it's not like I'm going to forgo every unhealthy vittle for the rest of my life. One of the major lessons of this exercise is to learn to moderate such things. So in that respect you could say I was a success.

This morning the scale informed me that my weight was exactly what it was when I left. Considering most of my work outs this weekend consisted of lifting a bottle, and I missed my cardio Friday morning, I was happy with that number.

Today I cranked the resistance meter up on the stationary bike and pushed a little harder, just to make myself feel a little better about any "discrepancies" I may have experienced over the weekend.

Anyhow, I also want to note that it was interesting to see Bill's friends' reactions to his knew look. I wondered if my friends will be saying the same things a year from now about me.

At first no one said anything. I can only assume they wondered to themselves where 25% off Billy had gone off to. Maybe they didn't want to be rude in case Bill had come down with a horrible disease that was slowly eating him away to nothing. Once someone finally first mentioned his new look everyone commented on it positively. I think one girl still wasnt convinved this was the same person she'd met a year ago. Perhaps she just hated him as many of us do..

Ahh, the spoils of all that hard work pay off, even in the of smallest ways.

I think people should be honest enough to make the same type of comments when we fall off the wagon too.

"Hey Brian! Haven't seen you in a while. You sure turned into a fat pig!"

"Brian? Is that you? I didn't recognize you with that tractor trailer tire you're smuggling under your t-shirt!"

"Brian? Is it Halloween already? Nice Jabba the Butt costume you lazy lard eating pathetic cow!!! So nice to see you, how's your Mom been?"

Yes, I really think it would help keep us from living in that alternate reality we live in when we can't admit to ourselves we're gaining weight.

Anyway, that's another post altogether.

Great weekend! Go Team Awesome!


billy said...

Part of me wants to tell people when they've gained weight, although I never do. Brent said it to me once, and I thought he was a dick for it. But really, often people are in denial, and sometimes saying something might light a fire under their ass to do something about it. Easier said than done though...

Brian said...

one of my best friends and I made a pact a few years ago to tell each other if the other one gains weight. If it's someone you know really well it doesn't usually hurt as bad. But even if it does, when you really think about it you're probably more unhappy with yourself than you are with the person making the comment.
Needless to say I guess the pact didn't really work, because we both still gained weight.

Ripx180 said...

My fiends have said things here and there that where not totally direct but enough to make me really think about it. When people stop calling you by your old nick names and choose terms like "big guy" or "big man" etc I have taken the hint... I have heard that too much in the last year or so. Or somebody pats you on the gut.... makes a guy feel great. Its time to face the facts and make the changes like you said.

Last time I lost weight people where always willing to say man you look great how much weight have you lost etc etc... then when you pack on 20- 30- 40 - 50 lbs nobody says a damn thing.

good post Brian, I think I am rambling again. Sounds like you made really good choices this weekend the majority of the time. Like you said you cant give up everything 100% of the time and if you didn't gain a pound then no harm.

billy said...

Dude, I used to get "big guy" like it was going out of style. Constantly. I had forgotten about it, I haven't heard it for a while...

Marcol said...

It was actually comments about me gaining weight that sparked me to lose it. My ex told me one time that I was getting too big and she was concerned. Honestly, I didnt like it but guess what it did make me do something about it. Real loved ones/friends tell you about yourself when its good or bad.

Melissa said...

lol your quotes had me cracking up...great job on the weekend. No gain is great! Pringles trapped me in on my camping trip a few weeks ago to!

swankywanker said...

I've found that people don't make comments about my weight, probably because it's well documented that women don't like being called fat or big guy. But children don't know those rules. It kills me when a kid says I'm fat.

Just think, at next year's camping trip people will all be commenting about all the weight you've lost.