Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Let's get serious!

I'm a little annoyed with myself today for a few reasons. First of all, I took off yesterday from cardio just to give my legs a rest after the three days of biking. My plan today was to get back to my routine of coming to work an hour early and biking for 30 minutes. Well I overslept and didn't have time (Dope).

Not a big deal, I can ride the bike this afternoon sometime or during lunch. My next minor annoyance was my weigh-in this morning. Yesterday it was 190. Today, 191.

Now, my scale is an electronic POS. Sometimes it gives me different numbers during the same sitting. Very annoying. For all I know all of my numbers are incorrect. I need to spend the money and get a good scale. Any suggestions?

Then there is my goal of loosing 15 more pounds by sept 15th, 5.5 weeks away.
Is it too ambitious? I know my bike trip was a big accomplishment, but I feel like I need to step it up a bit here.

Aside from these things, I think I'm doing well in the food department. I just need to get more active in the physical department.

[arnold voice] Let's get serious![/arnold voice]


Ripx180 said...

That is a pretty aggressive goal at 3+ pounds a week. Not that it cant be done with crazy dedication. You wont have much room for slip ups though.

I second needing advise on a good scale. Mine is ok but I would like it to go to 1/10s and be a little more useful (more features).

billy said...

yeah, 15 pounds is a lot, but if it's driving you theres nothing wrong with it. Just so long as if you don't hit it, it doesn't stop you.

Kristen said...

Kinda like they both said already...

15 lbs is doable and there's nothing wrong with aiming for it. Don't get depressed and quit altogether if it's not happening though.

Brian said...

thanks for the advice guys. I don't plan to quit if i dont hit a goal. When I made those goals I didnt even have any idea what was realistic. I just pulled them out from thin air with what little info I had.

Thanks again