Friday, January 11, 2008

So much to say so much to do...

Weigh-in: 218.4 (what?!)

Yes, sometimes I go up in weight too for no reason. Yesterday's weigh in was 216 even. Today? 218.4. Sup with that?

Don't know. Don't care.

I ran my 5k this morning. It felt great. I actually ran 3.5 miles.


So...I did a lot more manual labor yesterday. That was nice.

And uhh. Things are pretty good.

Gonna lift some weights on Monday.

So, well, I guess I'll talk to you all later.

Maybe I'll have something better to say next time..


Beck said...

The running is very impressive! Dang.

GeneTheK said...

Wow. Your progress since April is amazing. I didn't realize how far you'd come. The Blog looks different. Did you redo it or was I simply not paying attention?

Keep up the good work I know you can hit your goal weight by February.