Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Weigh-In: 216.0 lbs

The weight went up again today despite my actions yesterday of running a 5k, doing a hard-core hour long weight lifting session that obliterated my chest and bi's, and eating perfectly. I can only imagine I'm retaining water or something. Less than a week ago I was weighing in as low at 211.8. Now I'm a full 5 pounds higher. I say whatever to that!


justin said...

Was the 211.8 a week ago your 5 Day Average? I would just assume that since you have been hitting the weights hardcore, it has put some extra stress on your body to repair and recover from the workouts. If you are feeling muscle soreness, then it probably is just the recovery process and your body is flooding your muscles with water and glucose to help repair and build new muscle. Keep at it...I'm sure its just a fluctuation.

Brian said...

thats exactly what it is. I'm sore as hell and have been working really hard. the 211.8 was just a random ultra low weigh-in that happened to be a new low. I dont ever take the time to figure out the averages.
I plan to keep at it, I'm just venting a little bit because i'm still in the mindset that when i eat right and workout my weight should be going down. I'm still getting used to this muscle building thing.

Rob Tucker said...

You should have a lean pocket and some pretzels.

SO totally joking :) You're doing great - don't let a single weigh in bite you in the ass. Don't sweat it.

Ripx180 said...

holding water and gaining muscle man!!! If your eating right and exercising you cant go wrong. Keep at it.

Marcol said...

Keep at it Brian. Lol @ Rob's comment.