Friday, January 4, 2008

Pain is a part of achievement

weigh-in: 219.7 lbs
weight lost: 76.3 lbs
Day Number: 165

I've been running at least a 5k (on the treadmill) every day M-F for maybe a month now. Yesterday I recorded a best time so far of 26:01. Most days I incorporate some form of H.I.I.T while running it.

Running really is very therapeutic. Several times I've been in a bad mood for whatever reason at the beginning of the run. Usually when that is the case I run further than usual. At the end of the run I'm always feeling great, and that feeling tends to stick with me for several hours.

If I take more than two days off from running I tend to find myself thinking about it. The longest I've gone without running at least for 20-30 minutes is three days, but only one or two times in the past few months.

It's funny because before I started this new lifestyle I'd been thinking about jogging for a while. I was worried about turning my ankle as I'd always been prone to it ever since injuring it a few times. Now I'm realizing weighing close to 80 pounds less really has an effect on turning your ankle. It doesn't happen; at least not at the rate I'd expect it to. I'll knock on wood now because I'll probably walk out to my car at lunch today and fall down the stairs or something...

Another deterrent for me was back pain. The few times I ran in high school I remember hating it so much; it was hard on my knees, my back hurt, trouble breathing.

There are a lot of the reasons why I took this on. One of them was because I wanted to be able to confront those issues. I'd never have thought I could actually enjoy something I despised so much. Sometimes it just takes a different approach and a lot of patience.

Overall I think I realized that losing weight was going to be hard. Therefor, I expected some discomfort in order to achieve my goals.

What is it they say? "Anything worth anything takes work."

Something like that anyway.

I'll take it a step further and say that "anything worth anything takes work, and that work is probably at least occasionally going to hurt".

Pain is a part of achievement. I think once you can realize that and in a way, embrace it, you can be successful at just about anything.

Pain means progress. Mistakes also can mean progress. You teach yourself what works and what doesn't. Every mistake should teach you something. Each mistake, each pain session you recover from makes you stronger. For yet another cliche, what doesn't kill you truly does make you stronger.

These are some of the things I've learned and what I believe has made me successful in this endeavour.

I expect pain and I expect mistakes.

I persistently expect them.

So, don't be afraid to fail. Don't be afraid to get hurt. It really is good for you and makes you a better, stronger, smarter person. Once you truly realize this you will start to meet your goals and in the process improve yourself.

I often imagine where I'd be right now if I'd realized this 10 or 15 years earlier? Bah, who cares, I've got work to do...


kyle said...

Your outlook is awesome, and your love of running gives me hope that I too can someday enjoy it. I've always despised running. I guess just start slow, and go from there.
Your focus is amazing, and humbling. I've obviously got a long ways to go, but you're definitely there as motivation.

swankywanker said...

Another good post, Brian. I'm also finding myself liking the running, looking forward to it. And I have a similar attitude about pain. I expect it, and (so long as it's just discomfort-type pain, not doing-damage pain) I sort of think of it as company. It runs with me.

26 mins for the 5k? Holy crap, man.

Melissa said...

Brian, it feels like your in my head today. Seriously great blog today. Your outlook is so refreshing. :)

Marcol said...

Nice post Brian. I agree a discomfort is often inevitable on a journey just about anywhere. Im glad though that sticking to it through those moments eventually yields success.

Perhaps learning these lessons 10 or 15 years ago would have been great but you wouldnt have learned the many things you know now because of those 10-15 years. Go figure.

Great job on your progress and I'll be sending you your prize this weekend.

Side question: 5k, 5 days per week with what sort of calorie reduction? I just always wonder what people do to get their results.

Jay said...

nice post! Also, you're looking good in that photo!

Your progress is very inspiring to me.