Friday, January 11, 2008

Back Workout

In case anyone is interested, here is the workout I'm doing this afternoon. Today is Back day.

For all:
4-5 sets each, 10-12 reps first set decreasing about 2-3 reps each set with increasing weight or same weight.

Dumbbell Row

Barbell Row

Cable Front Pulldown

I'll post the other two workouts we're doing next week.


Rob Tucker said...

Looks like a good one. I like those little videos - I found the link to them using your clips - good call!

justin said...

I love doing rows. They work so many different muscles. I always got a kick out of the guys that I used to see in the gym trying to get "HYYYUUUGGEEE ARMS" by banging out set after set of bicep curls. If only they would have done a few row variations instead...they could have gotten ripped arms and a ripped back.

Your progress is nothing short of amazing. 100 pounds lost! That is great! Keep it up Brian, you are an inspiration for those of us who are much farther behind in the weight loss journey.

Jay said...

Nice...why not try pullups! At your weight, you should be able to do them a lot easier than before :)

Marcol said...

Sounds good Brian. Consider alternating push/pull when doing these.