Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Winter Exercise

Weigh-In 231.2 lbs

So what do you guy's do for exercise in the winter? I'm in the gym every day, but I'm going to need a good outdoor activity to supplement that on the weekends. Of course, I could jog or ride my bike but not in the snow. Well I guess I could jog in the snow...that just sounds like a twisted ankle or broken hip waiting to happen.

Speaking of snow, it's doing it right now. Just a few flurries. We don't normally get that much snow here in Philadelphia. And usually not before Christmas. The fact that we're relatively close to the ocean and I guess due to the jet stream, we often get ice, or freezing rain. This year so far seems like it might be different as we've actually gotten flurries a few times and it's only December 5th.

Anyhow, I'm thinking of trying out a new winter activity. Maybe Cross Country Skiing? I do after all have a huge park (Valley Forge) right near my house. Maybe Snow Shoeing? Not sure if we'll get THAT much snow...

I do know one thing: it won't be shirtless leg lifts in the snow.


Melissa said...

Ah that picture is great!!!! I would love to take up skiing cross country. That sounds like a blast. My winter exercise I think will consist of jogging and walking. Oh and my sister and BIL are talking me into snowboarding this year. Ive very scared. lol

Rob Tucker said...

I'm interested in seeing what people say. I'm the same way right now - Michigan's kind of gloomy and I'm just not good in the extreme cold. I don't know how Melissa, Kristen and the rest of you get out in the weather in run. I'm freezing just thinking about it.

Geoff said...

Move to SoCal :)

Thankfully we don't have snow here, so I don't know what I would do outdoors if we did. I would probably just curl up in a ball and stay inside (I hate cold weather).

Ripx180 said...

Melissa don't be scared of snow boarding :) you guys don't have any "real" hills out that way do you?(what we call mountains out west).

I would recommend some kind of interval work out with big compound movements mixed with some cardio... that always really kicks my a$$. cross country skiing is cool, I have done it a few times. Just layer up and get out there :)

Carrie said...

I'm all about ice skating and skiing, or sledding. I dunno about you, but ice skating always kicks my butt (sometimes more literally than figuratively, since I'm able to skate around but often end up on the ground when I try to do something fancy, like turn around).

Otherwise, you find me in the gym. No cold weather for me, unless it's right after a snowfall and we have to scoop!

Marcol said...

Grrrr...blogger ate my message.

How about indoor basketball or maybe go skiing...well sounds like you'd have to take a trip for that one.

Theres always the gym. Im thinking up a routine for outdoors in the snow myself...try to get the effect of working out in the sand.

Jay said...

In the winter in California, we either drive 30 mins to the beach for surfing, or 3 hours to the mountains for, I love this place!!! :)