Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Record Broken

weight-in: 225 lbs

I had another unplanned milestone today. I broke my best time record for a 5k. I ran it in 27:45.

This wasnt planned. First I ran 11 intervals at 5 and 7.5 mph, but then after the last one I cranked it up to 8 mph, basically just to see if it was feasable to break my 5k record. I always have my prior best number in the back of my head.

Eventually I ran the last 45 second or so at 10 mph and I was yelling at the machine to make me go faster as I'm watching the time unfold.

I thought I was either going to pass out or launch off the treadmill!

The bad news is my back is kinda sore now. I'm not sure why but hopefully that goes away.


The pic is another from the Firebird Festival Saturday night.


Rob Tucker said...

27's nuts, man. That's just awesome. Do you do all of your running on the treadmill, or do you get out on the open roads once in a while?

I've found that (this may just be me) once I started running on the streets, I didn't like the treadmill anymore. The road challenges and uses muscles that the treadmill doesn't, but to each their own.

Brian said...

I do both but due to time constraints the treadmill is usually the easiest thing for me to use. I agree that it is different, and a much better workout running on the streets. I dont think I'd be getting the same numbers on the streets as I do on the treadmill, but who knows.

billy said...

You're becoming one of those "Runner" people. Just be careful to balance out your workouts man, running can be very taxing on your body. I know several people who got addicted to running and ended up messing up a knee or a hip or a back.

Anonymous said...

Awesome to hear of your 5k and mile times, Brian!

I'm still working (back) up to running / jogging, as right now I'm just too damn fat to do much of it without my shins killing me.

However, I remember about a month ago when I smashed through a 6 mile record on the stationary bike.

Blasting past those records is so great. Keep it up!

Marcol said...

Good stuff Brian. Hope the back is feeling better. Sometimes when I read your blog and look at your progress I wonder if I should get back to the cardio thing and run...perhaps that would get this last bit off. Hmmm... you got me thinking

swankywanker said...

Yeah, I'll admit to being one of those runner people. The rush is glorious. GLORIOUS. You are impressive. 27. Man alive.

Melissa said...

Damn Brian, that is awesome. Great job.