Monday, December 10, 2007

Facing the Enemy

Weigh-In: 229.9 lbs

I don't know if its the holiday's, the fact I've been working out basically 7 days a week, or I'm just not eating enough, but I've been really hungry the past week or so. As a result I've eaten a little bit more. Nothing crazy, but I've allowed myself some more food on several occations. I even had a slice of Cheese Cake last night..don't shoot me!

Like I said, it's practice...right, practice. I havent gained weight though and I'll tell you why. Because I work our more/harder when I know this is going to be happening. Normally I don't run on weekends, but on Saturday and I went for a 3 and a half mile jog around town, and Sunday I did 45 minutes on my treadmill while listening to the Eagles lose, again.

So in this time of great temptation and wonderful cheesecake filled moments, stare that food in the face and let it know who controls who. And even if it wins the battle, you will win the war*.

*But it won't be one of those drawn out wars that last like years and years. It will be more like a blitzkrieg of sorts, with you being the victor. SPARTA!


justin said...

It is really motivating to see someone who started in the same boat that I am currently in, and has had amazing progress. Keep up the great work...and don't get too disappointed in the could be could be a Dolphins' fan!

Rob Tucker said...

Or a Lions fan. At least the Dolphins have had winning seasons.

I like your mentality - there's no surprise you're doing awesome.

Marcol said...

Youre doing a whole lot over there in Philly! Isnt it time for some new pics yet? 7 days training, when do you rest?

Did you find yourself a plan for your muscle building? Cheesecake, yummm one of Marcol's favorite desserts ;)

Jim McCoy said...

I'd cut down the food, even if you are working harder. You'll go from good results to great. Good going on the weight loss, though, and like Tuck said, you could be a Lion's fan. We've never seen our team in a Super Bowl.

swankywanker said...

Man alive, the Eagles are disappointing. On the plus side, you are not disappointing at all. You're kicking ass in this blitzkreig assaut. I'm impressed with how you continue to tear it up. You represent Philly well.

Anonymous said...

Blitzkriegs are good. Wish I could say the same for me. Mine's like...uh...whatever war went on for years and years. (Not the history buff over here.) Anyway, you'll get past this. Getting the holidays out of the way will certainly help!

layla said...

cheesecake and ice cream did me in and contributed to a little holiday weight gain but honestly, a slice is harmless. i honestly think its fine, since you're doing so well. a little deviation can do wonders sometimes.