Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A Walk in the Woods

Weigh-In: 228.5 lbs

This picture is from yesterday. I took the day off from work and decided to hike a 7 mile loop in the woods. The snow we had is gone from everywhere else, but in the higher elevations in the PA mountains it's still there. It was a foggy, rainy, cold day, but it's always beautiful in the woods.

This particular picture is from a section of the trip that was on the Appalachian Trail. The Pennsylvania section is well known for it's multitude of "ankle breakin'" rocks that require you to constantly be staring at the ground planning every step. The cold, wet and ice covered rocks made it even more interesting than usual.

The trip started and finished near a man made reservoir seen below.

It really looks like a frigid winter place, but it was actually close to 40 degrees. I did the hike alone, walking most of it but jogging the parts that were too treacherous to run. At some points I needed my hands to get over ice covered rocks the size of Volkswagen Beetles.

I'd brought with me some beef jerky, water, and a power bar and I'm glad I did because I did start to feel a little weak in the middle of the hike. I'm still tweaking my diet on days when I do a lot of heavy/long activity.

I feel like the weight loss has slowed down a bit over the past few weeks. I'm not saying that is bad and in fact I've been wondering as of late if I've been losing TOO fast. According to my Excel sheet, as of today, day 144, I've lost 68 pounds. That boils down to almost a HALF POUND A DAY.

Don't get me wrong, I want to lose the weight and I'm happy its gone. But I want to do it a healthy way and I want it to stay off.

So my point; that fact that is has slowed down a bit in the past few weeks is OK with me. I feel great, I feel stronger than I ever have, and I have more stamina than I ever have had. I am by no means done, but I do feel good where I am. I just want the rest of my gut and love handles to go away! I know they will.


justin said...

Awesome pictures. There are some beautiful places dotted along the appalachian mountains that is for sure.

It sounds like your body is just getting accustomed to your current weight. I read an article by Alan Aragon where he spoke about the positives of maintaining your weight for a few weeks every couple of months while you are losing fat. The basic concept was to prepare your body to be able to maintain your new weight for the rest of your life. Take care.

Rob Tucker said...

Very cool, man. I wish we had some mountains around here. The highest hills aren't really much. Flat lands all over.

Justin has a point - your body is adjusting. Keep it on its toes, maybe try new things?

Jay said...

you have lost a lot of weight. inevitably you have lost some muscle, and you'll probably need to get some of that back in order to get rid of the love handles, etc.

Nice job though, you've made some astounding progress.

Jim McCoy said...

Love the pics. I need to get out into the woods, and it's killing me that I missed hunting season this year. Thanks for posting these, it's a little chicken soup for Jimbo's soul.