Thursday, December 27, 2007

Rockin' 34

Weigh-In 222 lbs

Quick post, but I just wanted to note that I'm rockin' a pair of 34" waist jeans today.
That's right, 34. Now I know I'm doing well because I wore 36" jeans in HIGH SCHOOL.
When I started this I wore a tight 42".

I'm happy with that.


billy said...

34? Why, that size could be considered... "Normal"! That's what I'm rocking... Nice work

Carrie said...

34's! Good for you!

layla said...

this is why its all worth it right? nothing thrills me more than going down a couple sizes. who cares what the scales say? when you can rock a pair of jeans, you know ita all good!

Rob Tucker said...

That's awesome, man. The hard work is paying off. 34's is just awesome.

Melissa said...

Congrats Brian, you have defintely earned it!

BrotherJay said...

Brian, That is so awesome! Congratulations, stay hungry as you get closer to your ultimate goal!