Monday, September 13, 2010

The Wheel in the sky keeps on turning...

The slight upwards movement in the weight isnt attributed to anything bad. I think that 239 was just a freak low weigh in when I barely ate any dinner the night before.

I'm still moving forward. Running when I can, riding when I can, always trying to pay attention to what I'm eating and how much. I've got a cold/sore throat thing going on. I've noticed that this is happening to me more since I've had kids, but I'm not letting it stop my good habits. This morning during my run I had to stop a few times to blow my nose, heh.

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Ripx180 said...

lol, kids are cold incubators... I totally hear you on being sicker since little ones showed up in my house too. Glad your staying on the right path and doing what you can. Hopefully I can do the same this week also. Now I am singing that song "in your title" in my head. "I don't know where I'll be tomorrow"