Thursday, February 7, 2008

Day 199

weigh-in: 210.6 lbs

Hey there! I've got a meeting in 5 minutes, and a busy day ahead of me so I have to make this quick. I wanted to post anyway though because as you can see, I've posted a new low of 210.6! I'm very close to me Feb 15th Goal of 210, which is good since Feb 15th is close too. Other than that, I actually took off from cardio this morning because I'm not feeling well, sore throat, no energy. Hopefully I can fight this off before long, but I think I need the rest right now. Hope everyone else is going well!

P.S. If you read this...Happy Birthday Mom!


Rob Tucker said...

Happy birthday, mom of Brian!

199th post, closing in on 200. You're closing in on your February 15th goal as well. What else can be said - just keep going!

billy said...

I like how you changed your profile description from "Fat." to "Learning and Improving". Says a lot right there.

Was 210 your original goal weight? Do you have any more weight related goals after that, or are you just winging it?

I just calculated and found out that I'm on day 451. Kinda blows my mind...

Brian said...

215 was my original weight goal, but I'd basically pulled that out of the air when I weighed just short of 300 pounds. I'm basically still "fine tuning" it at this point.
I have a feeling when I get to where I wan to be I'll probably weigh around what I do now (210ish) but with less fat and more muscle.

451 days is looonngggg

Anonymous said...

You've got your goal in the bag, man. Keep it up and you'll get it done!