Friday, February 1, 2008

Day 193

Weigh-In 214.2 lbs

Apparently this guy climbed Seven Summits in 193 days.

Soren Gudmann claims Seven Summits in 193 days!

I didn't do that, but I have done a few things.

For example (not in any special order):

- I ran a lot.
- Rescued a dog.
- Bought a house.
- went on vacation.
- lost 80 or so pounds.
- ate a lot of salad, hummus, water, and carrots.
- ran in a 5k race.
- tore my kitchen apart to remodel it.
- spent a lot of time at work, doing stuff...
- rode my bike to work.
- moved.
- organized my garage.
- went hiking/camping. A few times.
- rode a train.
- drove a motorcycle.
- lifted some weights.
- painted some pictures.

A lot of things can happen in 193 days. In less time people have reinvented themselves, ruined themselves, gotten married/divorced, run for office, changed the world...

What are you going to do in the next 193 days?


justin said...

Change my life for the better.

Good post today.

Rob Tucker said...

Great post, man. 193 days will take us to August 11.

So much to accomplish - I should be at my goal weight by then. That's huge.

billy said...

"Should" Tuck? Or WILL?

You forgot a couple:

- Took 169 craps
- Had some sex (maybe not?)
- Had first gay experience

Brian said...

I was talking about my 193 days, not yours Billy...

billy said...

oh, my mistake.

Rob Tucker said...

Only 169 craps? I'd probably take over 300 craps in 193 days. Can't fight the movement.

And "should" is OK when talking about goal weight by August - I did set the goal to get there by December. I'd be pretty happy with August.

Melissa said...

Great post. In 193 days I will have ran my first half marathon, and be one week away from my the Boston 3 Day! :)

How is Miss Bella? Give her kisses from her Aunt Melissa!