Friday, September 21, 2007

More Temptations and a Crazy Week

Yea, my week is still insane and it isn't over yet.

Saturday morning I embark on a weekend long bachelor party in Atlantic City. Think there will be many unhealthy temptations there? Ha!

I don't see much of an end to the craziness. Monday I have my home inspection, then next Friday a rehearsal dinner followed by a wedding I'm in on Saturday. I expect lots of compliments in my tux at the wedding. In fact I had the tux fitting the first week I started this healthy lifestyle and I told all the rest of the wedding party and the tux rental place that I'd be 15 pounds lighter by the wedding, so I might have to come back and get refitted. Well, I'm 30 POUNDS LIGHTER!

So that reminds me, I also have to go get refitted sometime next week. Hmm..

Despite being so busy this past week I've also had some amazing numbers going on during my daily weigh-ins. Today I hit a new low of 259, verified on two scales. Yes, 259. Last Sunday I was at 266.5. WTF? I guess the plateau has been passed.

I did 12,000 steps for 2.2 miles of walking yesterday in addition to my morning cardio. Like I mentioned I've been averaging 9-10k a day so I'm happy with that.

And to be honest the drastic weight loss is probably due to the fact I haven't been eating as much as I was. I'm still having three meals a day, but I'm not having time to get in the extra snacks. It's all due to bad planning and the fact my work fridge is empty. I'll hopefully be able to remedy that next week.

Anyway, sorry my writing is all over the place this week, but I just dont have the time to put into my entries that I normally do. I'm doing my best to post as much as possible though!

Talk to you soon!


billy said...

congrats on that weight loss man, there's hope for team awesome this month yet!

Such is life- things get busy and crazy, and you have to just do the best you can. Look at it this way- most people just bail when things get crazy. As long as you maintain a good attitude and try your best, that's what counts.

Marcol said...

Awesome job youre doing Brian! The wedding party will definitely recognize your 30 lbs - wow thats really awesome! And ummm 259 for your weigh-in, youre getting it done. Great work!

Rob Tucker said...

I notice that sometimes when I'm doing "just OK" and doing enough to maintain, when I really have a few AWESOME days, my body rewards me.

The trick is, put a string of those awesome days together, and just see what happens.

Ripx180 said...

whatever you are doing its obviously working well. Things will slow back down in a while. Just don't loose focus of whats important to you. Weeks like your having just prove that you can still make weight loss a priority even though you are crazy busy.

Jim McCoy said...

Hi, I'm the new guy. Rob is supposed to introduce me. Don't shortsell yourself on walking. I've lost sixty pounds in the last five and a half months walking. It's great exercise, it just takes a long time to do. So keep it up, and have fun with it.

Kristen said...

That's great about exceeding your original tux goal...also on the big loss last week!

swankywanker said...

Hey - how was the weekend?

Melissa said...

Look at you busting through that plateau. Awesome job! And surpassing that tux are doing great! Keeping ourselves in check when life gets busy is such a hard thing to do..and looks like you are handling it quite well. Keep up the great work!