Monday, September 17, 2007

Boring Weekends are for Fools

Let me start by saying I had a spectacular weekend. I don't think it could have been much better. Please allow me to walk you through it:

Liz took me out to meet two of my friends at my favorite Teppanyaki restaurant as an early birthday present. We met up with my friend James and his wife and then enjoyed some Teriaki steak and chicken, grilled vegetables, fried rice, and two glasses of wine. In preparation for this meal I'd only eaten 300 or so calories earlier in the day. I'd had a yogurt for breakfast and a salad for lunch.

Saturday -(My 31st Birthday):
Saturday morning I awoke at 8:00am and walked into the kitchen to find streamers and balloons taped all over the place, along with a "pin the tail on the donkey" game on the door.

Yep, it was my birthday all right. Thanks Liz!

After a bit I packed up all my gear and met some friends for a day of Paintball in the woods. I had not played since spring, and last time I played I remember being absolutely beat up and tired by noon. This time I felt great the entire day, and in fact played offensively which means much more running around. I wore my pedometer and by Saturday night it read that I'd taken 12,000 steps, or 2.5 miles, and 800 something calories. Not too bad I guess. The constant rolling around on the ground and jumping up and down was a nice workout as well.

I have some bumps and bruises to show how much fun I had :) Normally when I play paintball I wear several layers of clothing and gloves. This day I only wore pants and a t-shirt :) One: because although it was only 69 degrees you still get hot running around, and two: because I'm less embarassed to wear just a t-shirt due to the weight loss. I don't have to hide my fat in layers of clothing.

I tested my t-shirt out during the first game when as soon as it started I sprinted for the flag directly in front of the other team and grabbed it and ran right towards them. I thought it would catch them off-guard, and it did, but I still got shot about 5 times in the gut and legs right after capturing the flag. When I did my post game inspection I found that one of those paintballs came danger close to getting me in can imagine.

In any event, paintball was an absolute blast, bruises and all! It's so much more fun when you're in good enough shape to stay active the entire day.

After paintball I went home, showered, played a little x-box until Liz got home from work. At about 6:30 pm my friend Dan and his gf came over and we headed to dinner down the street, and then to the Tower Theatre to see Interpol. At dinner I had some hummus and a large salad that I could only eat about half of. I also had two diet coke and captain morgans. It was my birthday after all :).

The show was pretty good and I got a nifty t-shirt which I'm wearing at work today (all by itself - see former layering comment).

Some other great things that happened on my birthday:

- my heated jacket liner I just ordered for my birthday present, that was shipped from Oregon (keep in mind I'm outside of Philadelphia) somehow made it to my house in just 2 days! Woohoo! It fit perfectly! For those unaware, I commute and ride on my motorcycle just about every day of the week(when I don't ride my bicycle). We have 4 seasons here in PA and it gets a little cold to say the least. The jacket liner plugs into your motorcycle battery and is heated, allowing 4 season comfort :). Can't wait to test it out!

- when I paid for dinner at the pub on Saturday night I got a $25 gift certificate. I'm a member of the "mug club" there and when you spend a certain amount of money you get gift certs. So we get to go back for a mostly free dinner. Woohoo!

Sunday we woke up early and headed to our favorite breakfast place where I had yogurt ,granola, black coffee, whole grain wheat toast with a little bit of olive oil, and fruit. As always everything tasted wonderful.

We then made an impromptu trip to a pet store where we met some 11 week old brother and sister st bernards. They were so great! We now know what type of dog we want when we have the room.

In the afternoon we ended up driving by a house (we've been house shopping for a while, we're renters right now) that had a price drop of 25k. It turned out the owner was out cleaning and we got a personal tour of the house. Long story, but we actually saw the house last fall, but it ended up selling to someone else. Now it's back on the market.

We'll needless to say we're putting an offer in on the house tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully within 60-90 days we'll be home owners! Woohoo!

To tie up the already great weekend, Sunday night I went out to a wonderful dinner with my family for my birthday. I had a filet mignon , corn, spinach and mushrooms. The food was perfect and a great end to my weekend.

Wow, that was a lot of typing. I really need to get some work done!

Talk to ya later!

EDIT: Sorry about the horrible spelling. I had about 500 interuptions while I typed this at work today and didn't get a chance to proof read.


Rob Tucker said...

That's a hell of a weekend. I've always wanted to do the paintball thing. Happy belated!

Ripx180 said...

Happy late birthday. Glad you had a wonderful weekend and good luck with the house thing. I too enjoy paint ball, its been a few years since I played last but its definetly fun.

billy said...

Happy Birthday! Why's the house back on the market already? Sounds odd... Good luck!

swankywanker said...

Wow, were you wearing your lucky socks? Sounds like a great weekend. Happy Birthday.

Brian said...

the house is back on the market because the current owner divorced and the kids went with the dad. she doesnt need a 5 bedroom house to herself and she's having trouble making the payments. BTW, our offer is in and we should hear back today...

Marcol said...

happy belated birthday!

Rob Tucker said...

Ahem.. FAT Xtreme calling ;)

How're the workouts/eating going? =)

Melissa said...

Happy Belated Birthday :)

That weekend sounded like an awesome one. Congrats on not layering ;)