Wednesday, September 12, 2007


It's kinda been one of those days where everything is harder than it normally is. Maybe I'm just lazy.

For breakfast I had a lame yogurt. 60 calories. I left home too late to have anything more exiting, and that is what was available at my desk, so...

Lunch was extra fun. I spent it at the dentist catching up on some tooth cleaning that I've been putting off for, oh, several years. Catching up at the dentist is a painful bitch.

Since spending my lunch at the dentist wasn't enough fun, afterwards I decided I'd supplement my afternoon with a visit to the DMV to renew my drivers license which expires in a few days. I took a number, and stood and watched the rejects they have working there call a bunch of numbers that were all over 20 digits away from the one in my hand.

It seemed like days as I stood there, listening to some screaming 4 year old as his mother did her makeup, obviously unaware of the agonizing sounds her kid was making 5 feet away.

As always, the DMV workers went about thier business, at roughly the speed of Molasses in January. For those who live in the south, that REALLY REALLY SLOW. But it's really no wonder because without fail, at least one out of every 3 DMV workers I've ever encountered literally looked and acted like they just excaped from the real life movie set of One Flew Over the Cucko's Nest. Last time I got my picture taken 4 years ago I swear to god the guy taking it looked like Lurch only he didn't have Lurch's cutting edge whit. In fact, I don't think he had any whit's at all.
Where do they get those people?

After standing for an eternity, I gave up, threw my number (951, 928 was being called)in the trash, and headed across the strip mall to the "Salad Stop" and get something to eat instead.

Oriental Chicken Salad with lettuce, chicken, ginger fat free dressing, tomatoes, and mushrooms. Calories? I have no idea. Based on taste I'd say about 4.

Back to work(yes, that was a long lunch). Shuffled some internet around. Made myself look busy. Got bored. Headed to the gym.

I did my "morning" cardio at 3:30pm Sharp. Out of bordom decided to try something new: instead of doing a straight 30 minutes on the bike I did 10 minutes on the elliptical, then 20 minutes on the bike. I hate the elliptical machine, but I figured I also hate most everything I had to do today, so why not be consistent. According to the machines I burned 390 calories. I almost stopped early in my routine several times. Like I said, jsut one of those days. Somehow I suffered through it.

After the gym I came back to my desk, emailed with my mom for a bit, then started typing this entry. Well, now it's 5:17, time to go home. I've barely eaten any calories today and my lovely girlfriend is asking me what I want to do for dinner.

Maybe we'll go out for some olive's, brussel sprouts, and a glass a warm milk. You know, to stay consistent and all.


Just kidding.

Or am I..


billy said...

It can be a lot of work to make sure that your healthy meals don't taste like a 'taint. Don't let laziness lead you down the path of drudgery, because you won't last long on that path. If you aren't getting any pleasure from your food, you'll quickly realize it's not worth it. So, you need to plan better!

Brian said...

yea. 9 times out of 10 I do plan well. Today was just one of those days.

Ripx180 said...

sounds like a lame day to the power of 10... I hear ya on the DMV goons. We have some real peace of works here in WA. I suppose there has to be some nice ones somewhere.

Sounds like your starving yourself today man. A 50lb 10 year old girl couldn't sustain on what you ate. Go eat, just don't get trapped into a bad decision cause your starving and out of your mind (I would be if I ate that little). Matter of fact I might have taken out a DMV worker :) Your part of team Awesome so you cant make any mistakes !!

Kristen said...

I think we've got the goods here in Canton, MI (as far as DMV goes). Friendly and efficient.

I really enjoyed this blog today. Sounds like a day in my life (when I'm working).

Rob Tucker said...

I definitely got a laugh out of your day. Sounds like a bad episode of the Office. =)