Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Chip Away at the Stone

My life has been much like the old Aerosmith song except that instead of chipping away at the hard exterior of a woman to get her love, I'm chipping away at the soft exterior of my middle to's...uhh...not....or...inner muscle...or.....something.

Sorry, I felt like an analogy today and that's all I could come up with.

Anyhow, yet another possible crisis averted over the past few hectic days. The bachelor party was a blast. So much so I completely slept through this happening outside my 33rd floor window. But don't worry; we didn't cause it as far as I know.

List of 10 good things that have happened to me in the past few days , most of which have to do with weight loss but a few that don't:

1. My weight did NOT go up over the weekend despite a constant barrage of alcohol.

2. I got 4 of a kind during a poker game and won $300. Yes, I was already down a few hundred, but come on! 4 of a kind!

3. I'm consistently walking 10k+ a day. Even though I didn’t get my regular exercise in over the weekend, I managed to walk over 27 thousand steps which roughly equals an hour cardio workout. Even if most of those steps were going from Poker tables to Roulette wheels, to dinner, to strips clubs, to poker tables, to roulette wheels, to poker tables.

4. I got refitted for my tux last night and I'm down a full suit size, a full pants size, and a half inch neck size(did I have a fat neck? Hmm).

5. I ate relatively well over the weekend especially considering the circumstances. From what I can remember:

Saturday I had a yogurt for breakfast, a tuna wrap for lunch, and a New York Strip Steak with sautéed onions for dinner. My splurge? Drinks (Diet coke and Vodka interlaced with Jamison's and Johnny Walker Black). I also had a wonderful bowl of Crab Corn Chowder with Dinner on Saturday. Screw it, gotta have some fun sometime.

Sunday I had mixed fruit, black coffee, and omelets with egg, tomatoes, and green peppers in it. No Cheese. I don't think I ate lunch, but for Dinner I went to my parents house and had a great low fat vegetarian lasagna my mom made specifically for me. Thanks Mom!

6. I had my home inspection on Monday and it went great! Nothing major at all. Now we're just waiting for the results of the radon test to come in.

7. I came back to work Tuesday and did my cardio, and I didn't die.

8. I'm still eating well.

9. I've lost just over 30 pounds now since July 24th.

10. The human head weighs 12 pounds, so I've heard.


Ripx180 said...

Love the blog today man, nice and upbeat. Sounds like a great time was had at the bach party. Cool on the 4 of a kind, you hardly ever see that. Looks like you made good choices food wise given the circumstances and no weight gain to boot. I'm jealous of the new house ;) cant wait to move onto something bigger and better myself. 30 lbs since July is freaking amazing in my eyes.

billy said...

You sound like you're doing well, so big props. I do want to mention something about the pedometer though:

Just because you are counting your steps now, doesn't mean it "counts" as a workout or anything. You were always stepping, just not counting. Increasing them is great, but should never be seen as a substitute.

But, you knew that already ;)

Brian said...

yes, I did :) But thanks for pointing that out to anyone who may have thought otherwise.

Jim McCoy said...

Good job. Thirty pounds since July is huge. :)

Jay said...

Agree with Jim, I wish I was down 30 since July!

Rob Tucker said...

I like how you're able to just put the GOOD stuff out there. So often we focus on the negative. Nice work.

Oh yeah, yeah.. that human head thing. There's been plateaus during my weight loss period that have been so frustrating that made me wonder how I could lose 12 pounds, and cutting my head off came to mind. ;)

Sharon said...

Great blog.
I like the list of good things. It actually put me in a better mood.