Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I'm Back

I don't know if anyone reads this stuff anymore, but I'm back for another round of catch up. In the past 13 months or so I've had a lot of life changes. A new son last summer, and new daughter this summer, a new job, and basically a new life. Unfortunately not all of my good habits that I learned over the course of this blog have stayed with me. I have not weighed myself in who knows how long. Slowly my eating habits have gotten worse, I simple don't have the time to dedicate to all of the physical activities I did before.

My new job that I've been at for the past 5 months doesnt allow me to bicycle commute like I could at my last job. Much of my time is taken up by work and family.

The excuses are all over the place.

The worst part is that I spend a lot of time being pissed at myself for falling off the wagon instead of doing things about it.

So I'd really like to put that to a stop. It's going to have to happen slowly, unlike last time.

I'm going to start:

- paying attention to how many calories I consume daily. I'm not going to count, but I'm going to have an idea of what I'm eating and try to keep the number low. I did this for a long time during maintnence and it worked.

- working out in some form 3 times a week. It may be a run, it may be a bike ride, it might be a trip to the YMCA. What's been hard for me is that I don't have any set schedule. I really can't go to the gym the same time every day like I did before. I need to be more adaptable and go when I can in between working and being with my family.

- setting some goals. I might sign up for another half marathon in the winter, but in the short term I'm going to sign up for some 5k's or something. 18 months ago I was running half marathon distances in under two hours. Lat night I went got a 3 mile run, which turned into a 2 mile run because I thought I was going to die. I need to start from ground zero and build myself back up again.

- I'd like to blog when I can because that was a good help, but honestly a lot of that will depend on if anyone reads it. I really did get a lot more from blogging when I was doing it with other people. Hopefully that can start up again.

That's all I've got now. I've run out of time to be on the PC :) That's how life is these days.

Hopefully I'll be back soon with some positive updates that show I'm back on track!


p.s. I think I have 30 pounds to get back to where I want to be, but I won't know for sure until I weight myself. I'm just not ready to do that yet though...


Ripx180 said...

Hey man good to see you posting, I am still out here reading and battling the weight too. You write I read, keep the blogs rolling.

billy said...

I'm not ready for the weigh-in either. Hey, we knew it was going to be a life long battle. The initial fire we had got us very far, and now it's up to us to keep it up as well as we can, and especially, getting back on the wagon after we fall off.

Geoff said...

I'm still here too. There's no shame in getting back on the wagon after falling off, no matter the reason. Fitness and health is a lifelong journey, as most of us have learned (many the hard way). With you and Billy posting new blogs in the past couple days it looks like we might need a FAT Coalition reunion :)

Brian said...

i'm glad you guys are still around. thanks for commenting!

Kristen said...

I finally weighed in this week, and it was horrible, but not as bad as I expected. Glad to see that you finally took the plunge and have kept on track. Keep it up!