Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Support Yourself and your Brother

I just read my first two posts to this blog from about a year and a half ago. First of all, wow, I almost forgot what person I was. How I felt about what I looked like and how much I weighed. Some days I forget not only the importance, but the breadth of what I've actually done. I mean, I transformed myself. I lost over 100 lbs and I've kept it off for over a year. I can't allow myself to forget that.

That said, the point of this post isn't to pat myself on the back or brag about my accomplishments. Those accomplishments I speak of? They owe so much to this blog and to the people who read it, commented on it, and helped me in so many ways. Even if it was just being there and letting me know other people were suffering through the same things I was, and DOING SOMETHING about it. I didn't really need experts, I just needed to know I wasn't alone. That played a huge part in my success.

I know things don't go on forever and life is constantly changing, but some things shouldn't. Excuse my french, but WHERE THE FUCK IS EVERYONE?

People need our support.

If you're not posting because you're not completely happy with yourself and you no longer need a blog, fine. I kinda doubt that's the case with most people, but if it is, great.

If not, you not only owe it to yourself, but to everyone else to keep talking. Keep posting about yourself, keep supporting the people that helped motivate you to meet your goals.

The most important thing is that everyone is still working to better themselves while helping friends and even strangers do the same. Maybe most people aren't blogging anymore, but I hope they're at least happy, since that really is what this is all about.



Ripx180 said...

Amen Brian...

I am still out here trying to get it done. Sitting in a good spot but hell I want more. I haven't lost the fire to better myself or help out on other peoples blogs where applicable. This group has always been good to me and I continue to want to return the favor.

billy said...

I know I couldn't have gotten it done without the blog. I'm in the same boat. Granted, I don't post or read nearly as much as I used to, but I still check in, and occasionally I need to kick it into high gear and blogging always helps.

Many of the people who were the driving force behind this thing have simply disappeared. Unfortunate but it's reality...

Garth said...

Hi Brian,

Yours is one of a few blogs that has really inspired me to draw the line and take steps to change my life.

I have started my own blog and my journey from 328 pounds to 210 -- hopefully within 3 years (my 40th birthday).

Do you take newcomers to your group? If so how do I best jump on board? Thanks for the inspiration.


Jay said...

Still here, but mostly trolling. Haven't been posting much, as there hasn't been much activity.

Agree with you and Billy though, whomever else is still posting is doing it on there own at this point, unfortunately.