Friday, January 23, 2009

Doin' It

Been running this week lots. After my first outside run last Saturday I had some really sore calfs. I attributed this to the fact that I don't think I was stretching enough. Is not at all enough? Probably not.

So when by Tuesday I was still pretty sore, I got a hot bath, and really started stretching at various times during the day. This helped a lot, and I made it through my Wednesday and Thursday 4 and 3 miles runs respectively.

This weekend I'll be doing my annual "Winter Campin'" trip with the guys, so I had to move my Saturday long outside run up to today. I just got back from it a bit ago. Aside from my gps watch running out of power after only .6 miles, it wasn't too bad. I had to wing it as far as distance, but I did pretty well. I mapped my route when I got home and I'd run 5.2 miles. Not bad guestimatin'! I'm not really sure of my time because I didn't pay attention to when I left, but I believe it to be around 50 minutes. I felt strong for most of the run and I know I'm getting stronger, and more used to running outdoors.

Next time I'll make sure the battery is all charged up on my watch though.

So, like I said, this weekend I'm off for some snow camping fun, then Monday I'll be back on the treadmill, Tuesday lifting the weights, Wednesday and Thursday on the treadmill, Friday resting and next Saturday running 6 miles this time, outside of course.

And so it goes...

Soon enough I'll be able to call myself a (Half)Marathon Runner. I've got it clearly in my sights and intend to see it through.


Ripx180 said...

I am looking forward to hearing about your half marathon run... Running a marathon has always been one of things in the back of my head that I thought would be really cool to be able to say I have done. Do you think you will try the full marathon after your half?

Brian said...

It's really hard for me to say at this point if I will do a full marathon. If I do, it would probably be in a year. I prefer to cycle during the warmer months, so my plan going forward is to do one large organized running event close to the end of each winter, the cycle all summer until november or so. The running part gives me something to be motivated about training-wise during the winter months when I can't ride my bike.

Maybe next winter will be a full marathon, but it's hard to say. Right now I'm just trying to focus on the task at hand. Thinking about running a full marathon is too stressful :)