Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Day 555

Well, it's officially day 555. That's right, it's been 555 days since I decided to get happy about my looks, performance, and health. Seems like a long time, but to be honest, after the first few months it became a lifestyle and things get a little bit easier then.

Anyway, I've been wanting to update my blog a bit with my changing goals and outlook. I'm no longer in a weight loss mode, nor have I been for almost a year. Sure, I'll probably put some weight on,then try to lose it. But my overall focus in life isn't weight loss. It's challenging myself physically and attempting to further realize potential from my mind and body. Hence the new semi cheesy title and blog layout. I hope to get some decent "action" pics soon and maintain a current Day XXX picture in the right column.

I don't want to forget what I used to be, where I came from, and how I got to where I am now. Much of the point of this blog for me is to track my physical changes over time in order to ensure they're headed in the right direction. I hope to keep this log and blog around for a long time.

You may also notice that I've deleted some links to people's blogs. Please don't take this personally, but I've decided that I can't support peoples blogs that are never updated. That's kinda the point of keeping a blog. If any of these blogs become active again I'll by all means be available for support and add them back to my page, but until then I don't see the point in keeping old stale content linked on my page.

In other news, training for the half is going well, eating is going well. Baby planning is going well as well. If anything, right now I just can't wait for the winter to people over so I can start being outside more. For now though, I'll make due and keep trudging along. Hope everyone else is doing well.


Anonymous said...

Brian, thanks for not deleting me.
I'm still working at it. Slipped, but picked myself back up and I'm trudging forward.

Brian said...

I basically deleted anyone who hasnt posted for more than three months and I havent heard from. If they come back I'll be happy to add them in again if they want me to.

Believe me, I know, I everyone slips sometimes! There just has to be a reasonable amount of time before we have to pick ourselves up again.

Carrie said...

Hey, digging the new blog look! Whenever anyone changes their blog I have to look at the profile pic to make sure I'm in the right place ;) It's great that you're working on making gains fitness-wise, and congrats on the new baby (if I haven't congratted you already)!

billy said...

We should hang out sometime. I feel like we haven't really hung out since you got slender. After all, I do feel that your amazing transformation really got kickstarted when you saw me having some success.

We should go stuff our faces with beer and pizza.

Or at least a motorcycle trip when the weather gets good.

Brian said...

Hey Bill,
sounds good. I'm going to need an excuse to get the motorcycle out. I rarely rode it last year. The poor thing is getting neglected.