Monday, May 27, 2013

Weigh in/ Observations

I did the initial weigh in the other day expecting to see around 260 and instead saw 254.2. Ok, better than nothing I guess. Since then I've been at it. 3 hour long bike ride yesterday, good eating going on I think 4 days now. I had a 252.2 weigh in the day after the first one, so I'm hoping to get below 250 reasonably within a week or so. Maybe earlier.
I was just reading through my blog from the past almost 6 years. here's a few observations  some of which I'd forgotten:

- I started out at 50 pounds heavier than I am now, and it took 100 days to get to what I weigh right now. So I havent totally gone back to the beginning, that's good.

- I lost nearly 100 pounds in 183 days the first time.

- I was averaging about 3 pounds weight loss a week. (i hope I can do this again, obviously). I know I probably won't be able to work out as much as I was before though.

- I more or less kept all the weight off for almost 18 months. It wasn't until 2 years after my goal weight was met I'd packed on about 20 more pounds. This coincided with major lifestyle changes, some of them planned.

- I've been 240lb + for about 2-3 years now.

- My original goal weight was 215 which i achieved Jan 2008, however i got as low as 198 during that year.

- I pretty happy in my clothing when I'm at least 230, ideally 215-220. I was never completely happy with a shirt off.

So, those are just some things I've been thinking about. I can't believe it was so long ago i first started this journey. I'm glad that lots of the good things I learned during that time stuck with me, but I hope I can find a way to better adapt to life's changes while still maintaining a comfortable weight.
That's the hard part.


Ripx180 said...

Hey Brian, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. Seems like those of us that battle the bulge will always. We have to be diligent about staying at a healthy weight or it will sneak back up on us. You did amazing last time and I am sure you will again. Looking forward to reading about this new chapter as you go. I am pushing the big 40 and I can attest to the fact that its harder to loose weight the older you get, so take care of your business and health and it will pay of later. Keep the blog rolling!

Brian P said...

thanks Rip!